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Spotlight on Soller: Welcome to the money zone… - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The Soller Mayor was likened to Father Christmas this week as he handed out cash (in principle) to all the town councillors, opposition included, 40:1622668712161,,000 euros each to spend on projects of their choosing.

Sebastià Aguiló (Seny i Sentit) and Jaume Bestard (PI) are upset that they will be granted a mere 40,000 each, while opposition group Més, with four councillors, can spend up to 160,000 on a pet projectdata shows. There are 17 town councillors in total, with nine in the governing coalition and eight sitting in oppositionPeople dying at home have ranged in age from their 30s t.

Almost a million Euros in this fund of surpluses that the town Hall weren’t allowed to spend in the past. Everyone is busy working out feasibility and costings for local pet projects. The criteria is that initiatives must be presented and approved by the end of the year. A spending spree and delight in the air and the inevitable criticisms. This will be a good conversation to listen to over the next month.

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