Safety technical instruction for the hottest paint

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Safety technical guidance for paint engineering

1. The construction site should have good ventilation conditions. For example, ventilation equipment must be installed before construction in the site with poor ventilation conditions

2. Wear protective glasses to avoid eye contamination and injury when removing rust and iron scale with steel wire rope, board file, pneumatic and electric tools

3. Wear protective masks when painting or spraying paint harmful to human body. If it is harmful to eyes, wear closed eyes for protection

4. When painting red lead antirust paint and paint containing lead pigment, attention should be paid to prevent lead poisoning, and masks should be worn during operation

5. Do not use open fire when spraying nitrocellulose paint or other volatile and flammable solvent diluted paint

6. Safety belts are required for high-altitude operations.

7. In order to avoid accidents caused by static electricity accumulation, grounding devices should be installed for tank painting or spraying.

8. When painting large areas of sites, (indoor) Lighting and electrical equipment must be installed according to the fire rating

roughness affects accuracy; The latter uses servo system

9. When operators feel headache, palpitation or nausea during construction, they should immediately leave the workplace and change the air at a ventilated place. If you are still uncomfortable, you should go to the health station for treatment

10. Do not smoke when the console controls the action ingredients of each part or extracts inflammables, and do not litter the cotton yarn and hand cloth soaked in clear oil, varnish and oil

11. It is not allowed to use the herringbone ladder, but there is a broken stop. The pulling rope must be tied firmly, and it is not allowed to stand on the top floor for operation. Do not stand on the high ladder for displacement. When operating on a smooth ground, tie cloth and adhesive tape at the foot of the ladder

12. It is not allowed to hand over the working face on the same scaffold board

13. Open flames are not allowed in the paint warehouse, and fire extinguishers are required. Do not install small sunglasses

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