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Safety technical measures for blasting when the fully mechanized mining face passes through the roof falling section

212302 in the process of preparing the fully mechanized mining face for ending, the false roof and direct roof of the working face are broken in a large range, resulting in the front roof falling of some supports of the working face. In order to make the supports of the working face connect with the front solid coal in the straight roof falling and false roof falling section, and make the shearer pass normally, according to the actual situation of the site, after mining research, This safety technical measure is formulated by blasting the section that affects the passage of the shearer from the 70 support of the working face

I. preparatory work

prepare 100 1.2mand 50 1.5mplate girders with a diameter of no less than 100mm, and transport them to the operation site

II. Labor organization

person in charge of on-site construction: the first comprehensive mining team works with the on-site shift team

it is constructed by the first comprehensive mining team and operated by the third shift

III. construction method

1. Blast the sections that affect the passage of the shearer from the 70-61 support of the working face from top to bottom on the side of the coal wall. After blasting, manually discharge the coal slag first, and then push the scraper conveyor to confirm the wear of parts or the wear machine of individual parts separately, and hit the support guard board, Manually erect "one beam and two columns" (2.8m single column with 1.2m or 1.5m slab beam) along the mountain shed (each support corresponds to two sheds), and the shed distance is 800mm

2. Use a Shearer to cut coal above the 70 support

an increase of 18.2% year on year; The gross profit is 4.713 billion yuan. 3. Drilling with 1.2m long drill pipe, the opening progress is 0.8m. The coal falling method combining blasting and manual pickaxe planing is adopted. Millisecond delay electric detonators are used, positive charging and positive blasting are adopted, blasting is carried out in sections from bottom to top, and the line is connected in series

4. When shooting, put the bottom hole first and then the top hole, and detonate one support at a time. The length of one shot section shall be strictly controlled to be no more than 2m. After the blast hole is sealed, the distance from the sealing surface to the hole mouth shall not be greater than 200mm

IV. safety technical measures

1. Before entering the work, the construction personnel must first check the top of the construction section from the outside to the inside by the team leader, and knock the top of the top. The work of knocking the top of the top should run through the whole operation process, so as to prevent people from being injured by the coal and gangue falling from the wall and the layer

⑴ for the work of knocking on the side and asking for the top, a monitor must be responsible for finding the top, and an experienced old worker should cooperate to observe the roof and the surrounding conditions. The person observing the roof should stand behind the side of the person finding the top (3m), and ensure that the retreat route is unblocked

⑵ the work of knocking on the side and asking for the top must start from a safe place with support, and proceed in the order of from the outside to the inside, from the top to the top. Use long tools to find the top. When finding the top, hold a long handle tool (drill rod 2.5m), and slowly find it down along the crack. Do not plan or pry hard. In case of rock layer separation, find it immediately. To find the top, it is necessary to prevent the gangue from falling down along the pole. The top finding work can only be carried out in one group, and it is strictly prohibited to carry out two groups at the same time

3. During the construction process, it is strictly forbidden to let the relevant person in charge of Huaibei municipal government say who moves the support. The first comprehensive mining team will arrange special personnel to shield the PM4 electro-hydraulic controller of the support (automatic fluid replenishment function of the support) and disconnect the power supply of the support

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