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Safety technical measures for adding supports to the working face

13303 the initial mining of the task face is irregularly arranged, and the demand is gradually delayed with the promotion of the task face, and the support is made up from the sliding tail. In order to ensure the normal production of the task surface, this method is specially adopted to guide the on-site construction

1. Construction content

(I) construction scheme

1. Before the mining of the task face, the support to be added has been installed in the track trough (inside) and placed at the designated position

2. When the task surface is pushed until the sliding tail support is parallel to the support to be added, the task surface starts to delay the sliding tail to make up the support. When the task face is pushed to G2 point of the track trough (LI), the tail sliding compensation support is delayed. The number of task planes delayed before is 30, and the number of task planes delayed at the end is 76. 46 supports need to be made up for the task plane, and 46 chutes are delayed

3. The construction sequence is to follow the sequence of making up the support first and then delaying the sliding tail, and stop in sequence until delaying the sliding tail to make up the support

(II) construction method of sliding tail compensation support

1. Stop adjusting the support to be added to the lower side of the roadway, and close to the support of the original task face

2. This is the first way to use liquid thermoplastic resin, which is the same as the processing technology of thermosetting material blades, to take the support to move automatically and lean on the top of the monomer pillar. When adjusting the support, the construction address is 5 meters, and other tasks are prevented from stopping within the mainstream stable range of the scrap market on the 29th

3. When approaching the support from bottom to top, the top of the single prop rests on the base of the support, and the contact points at both ends of the single prop are padded with wood chips to prevent the prop from slipping. The pushing must be stopped slowly. No one is allowed within 5 meters below the support, and a specially assigned person is responsible for monitoring. When the support is inclined and the upper side of the roadway is seriously chipped during the pushing process, the liquid supply must be stopped immediately and the handling must be stopped

the boat type index continues to decline. 4. When adjusting the target of the support, the liquid supply must be slow, whether it is leaning against or moving by itself. No other tasks are allowed within 5 meters around the support, and special personnel are assigned to supervise it. The operating staff should avoid the position where the single support can not get out or slide down to hurt people. When the support is inclined, the liquid supply and treatment must be stopped immediately

5. The support must be raised during the jointing process of the support, so that the top beam of the support is not more than 150mm away from the top plate, so as to prevent the support from tilting

6. After the dispensing support is finished, connect all kinds of pipelines and instruments, slowly supply liquid, connect the solid roof, tighten the support, extend the side guard board and upper guard board, and extend the sliding block to connect with the chute safely

7. During the construction of the support, the main staff and the team leader of the work area must keep an eye on the site, coordinate, give instructions and supervise together to ensure the safety of the construction

(III) construction method of delaying tail sliding

1. With the promotion of the task surface, the tail sliding support is parallel to the support to be added, and if it is necessary to add a support, when delaying the tail sliding, the chute to be added shall be transported to the tail sliding place for standby

2. Before delaying tail sliding, check the roof and support environment within the scope of work. The cement pressure testing machine is also called the cement constant stress testing machine, which is used for the compressive strength or bending test of ordinary cement mortar or oil well cement. Stop the secondary injection of liquid to the hydraulic support and leading pillar, turn over the support guard board, set up the upper column in the machine way, the column spacing is not greater than 1.0 meters, stop the effective inspection of the coal wall, and assign a special person to supervise it

3. Power off and lock the scraper escort machine, and pinch the scraper chain at the tail of the slide. When pinching the chain, the staff should stop the operation on both sides of the slide, and other staff should prevent staying to prevent the staff from collapsing when the chain is pinched

4. After pinching the chain, pull the sliding tail apart with a chain block and a common single pillar. During the operation of the staff, no one is allowed around the single pillar, and a special person is assigned to monitor it to prevent collision and chaos. The distance between sliding ends shall not be less than 1.7 meters. After the distance between sliding ends is enough, two berms shall be set up with single pillars to prevent slipping, and the berms shall be tied with anti falling ropes

5. Many docking chutes are operated by 6 people, and they are inserted from bottom to top. During construction, the staff must stand above the chute for operation, and no one is allowed within 10 meters below

6. The method of pushing the single pillar is adopted for closing the tail. When pushing the tail with the single pillar, the single pillar should lean against the position where the tail should not be damaged, and the berm column must be tied with an anti falling rope. Wood chips shall be placed at the contact points at both ends of the single pillar to prevent the pillar from slipping. The pushing must be stopped slowly, and no one is allowed within 5 meters below the sliding tail

7. In case of delay in tail sliding, other tasks shall be prevented from stopping within 10 meters of the construction address, and other staff shall be prevented from staying. There are master and sub staff on site for instructions and supervision

2. Enron technical measures

1. All staff involved in the construction must seriously study this method and sign before they can participate in the construction

2. The person in charge of Enron on duty should be responsible for the inspection of the construction site support environment during the construction period. If any result is found, it must be rectified immediately, otherwise construction is strictly prohibited

3. When more than one person cooperates in construction, it is necessary to understand that a special person is responsible for the same instruction and coordinate with each other. Dragging, pulling, carrying and pushing should be done together to prevent unexpected accidents

4. The power and liquid supply circuit should be hung at the lane side to prevent crushing and hurting people. When changing the hydraulic pipeline, you should first check and close the stop valve, and gradually unload the residual pressure, make way for the radiation position of high-pressure liquid, and be careful not to hurt people by spraying liquid from the high-pressure pipe

5. Before the operation of the support, it is necessary to check whether the components of each part are complete, whether the operating handle is flexible and reliable, whether the pipelines passing through the support are complete, and whether there are smashing, crushing, burying and twisting phenomena. If there are, it should be handled immediately; Check all pipelines and valve groups to ensure they are intact. The alarm number must be withdrawn before moving the rack. No one is allowed to stay or do other tasks around the moved rack, and it should be evacuated to the Enron address. After the support device is in place, all operating handles must be turned to the "0" position, and it is strictly prohibited to pull it casually

6. When adjusting the support, except for the operator, no staff is allowed to stay within 5 meters around. If it needs to be handled in a special environment, it must be handled after the operator stops operating and ensures safety

7. When pushing the support on the sliding tail, the following points must be done:

(1) a cushion wood must be placed between the support and the pillar to prevent the pillar from slipping

(2) the prop must be supplied with liquid at a long distance to prevent the staff from slipping and collapsing

(3) in the process of pushing up, when the support presents an inclined environment, the liquid supply to the support must be stopped, and the continuous operation can be carried out after the support is adjusted

8. Chute lifting Enron technology method

(1) before lifting, you must understand the weight, geometric shape, function, etc. of the weight, so as to select qualified lifting things

(2) when manually lifting, lifting, transporting and prying heavy objects, special personnel shall be assigned to give instructions. Construction staff shall reconcile differences and take into account the integrity. Body parts such as limb movements are strictly forbidden to be placed at the falling point of the heavy objects or the position that can be inverted

(3) when using the anchor rod as a lifting point to lift heavy objects, a special person must be assigned to observe the stress environment of the anchor rod. If the anchor rod disc is found to be loose or falling, the construction must be stopped immediately, and the staff must be evacuated to the Enron address. The construction can be continued only after the Enron method of care is adopted

(4) before lifting, the lifting points must be carefully checked, the lifting ring wire cap and stirrup must be full of wires, the strength of the steel wire rope sleeve and connecting components used for lifting shall not be less than 8 times of the dead weight of the equipment and heavy objects, and the lifting anchor rod pull-out force shall not be less than 85kn

(5) before using chain block to lift heavy objects and components, you must stop checking them thoroughly, check whether each component is complete, flexible and reliable, and ensure that the small chain, pawl, shield, etc. are complete. If you find the results, you should deal with them in time, deal with them well, and they can be used in front of you. It is strictly forbidden to lift equipment and heavy objects with diseases, and it is strictly forbidden to use chain block that cannot be self-locking. Other cable chains, steel wire ropes, etc. must be carefully checked before use, and unqualified ones are not allowed to be used. The weight of lifting equipment and heavy objects must be suitable for the nameplate provisions of chain block. It is strictly forbidden to use chain block to lift heavy objects beyond the nameplate provisions

(6) the selection of hoisting address must be a safe and reliable address with no lack of support

(7) trial hoisting must be carried out before hoisting. Carefully observe when 100mm off the ground, and hoist only after confirming that it is safe. When hoisting, it must be stopped by two people in length. One person checks and gives instructions, and one person operates. It is strictly forbidden to hoist by one person. No one is allowed under the weight and within 2m around it. The zipper operator must stand on the side of the weight to prevent the weight from falling suddenly and hurting the staff. The staff responsible for the instruction inspection must pay close attention to the safe environment during the hoisting process, prompt and instruct the operating staff in time. Once a dangerous situation is found, stop the operation immediately, and then stop the hoisting after the dangerous situation is removed

(8) when operating the front beam of the support as a bearing point for lifting, the front beam of the support must be checked in detail, and the lifting can be stopped only when it has enough acceptance force

(9) do not lift obliquely. Before lifting, find the center of gravity of the lifting object. After lifting, the object must not be pinched, rotated or tilted

(10) when using chain block to operate, the force should be even, and the strike should be prevented as far as possible. When releasing the chain block, be careful to avoid self-locking and sudden sinking of equipment and heavy objects

(11) if one of the following environments is found during the lifting process, the lifting equipment and heavy objects must be stopped immediately and the handling must be stopped:

① during the lifting, the roadway is deformed, the anchor bolt is loose, the roof falls gangue, and the wire rope sleeve is broken

② the lifting chain slips, loosens, and the pawl of the bracelet slips

③ the noise of the hoist operator is abnormal

④ the lifted equipment and heavy objects are unstable, twisted and pinched

(12) when lifting multiple chain hoists, the task staff should coordinate with each other, and the force on each hoist should be uniform, so that the hoisted parts can be lifted safely. It is necessary to pay attention to the stress environment of the lifting point at all times

(13) if there is no special environment, the operation shall not be restrained during the lifting process, and the instructing staff and operating staff shall not leave the task post without permission. If there is a special environment, it must be padded firmly with a wooden pad under the weight

9. Matters not covered in the measures shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the coal mine safety regulations, the coal mine safety technical operation regulations, and the 13303 comprehensive mining task face homework regulations

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