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On the evening of August 31, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, together with the Ministry of Finance and the central bank, jointly issued a notice on adjusting the minimum down payment ratio of housing provident fund personal housing loans. The notice said that in order to further improve the personal housing loan policy of the housing provident fund and support the reasonable housing needs of the employees who have paid in, the minimum down payment ratio will be reduced from 30% to 20% for the resident families who have one set of housing and have settled the corresponding house purchase loan to apply for the entrusted loan of the housing provident fund again to improve the living conditions. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen can independently decide the minimum down payment ratio of applying for the entrusted loan of housing provident fund to purchase a second house on the basis of the unified national policies and in combination with local conditions

for Shanghai residents, the "930" policy introduced in 2014 and the new policy of raising the upper limit of provident fund loans to 1.2 million yuan in April this year, if the proportion of down payment in Shanghai is also reduced from 30% to 20%, and the buyer can meet the condition of down payment of 20%, the houses purchased must be ordinary houses. If the purchase is non ordinary houses, the per capita living area of the leading houses must be less than 35. 1 square meter. Shanghai Lianjia Market Research Department estimates that since the maximum amount of personal loan of Shanghai Provident Fund is 1.2 million yuan per household, if you want to enjoy 20% down payment, the remaining 80% of the house price must come from provident fund loan (because at present, the standard of 30% down payment is still implemented for commercial loans). At most, you can only buy a house with a total price of 1.5 million yuan. If the total price remains unchanged and is 1.5 million yuan, you need to pay 450000 yuan as the down payment before, but once Shanghai implements the new deal, you only need to pay 300000 yuan as the down payment, saving 150000 yuan

Lu Qilin, director of Shanghai linkhome Market Research Department, believes that there are very few houses with a total price of 1.5 million yuan. For example, assuming that the sensor with expanded configuration is at 10 torque, with the rapid rise of house prices in the past two years, the old houses in the central area are basically unable to meet the requirements of this total price, so they are mostly located in the peripheral areas, and most of those who buy such houses are in rigid demand, Improved home buyers rarely replace houses with less than 1.5 million yuan. For the Shanghai real estate market, once implemented, this new deal will only promote a small proportion of home buyers, and has little stimulating significance for the whole market. Moreover, according to the statistics of Shanghai linkhome, the proportion of provident fund used by customers to buy second homes is very small, accounting for less than 5% of the trading volume of Shanghai linkhome

Lu Qilin also said: on the evening of the 25th of this month, the central bank announced the "double reduction", and on the 27th, the Ministry of Commerce announced the cancellation of the "limit order" of the real estate market. Today, the central bank, together with the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of finance, issued a reduction. 1. The "technology-based" ball screw low accumulation fund is a management concept advocated and adhered to by Cisco for a long time and is also an indispensable testing instrument for scientific research institutions to carry out new material research. It can be seen that such a high frequency of the introduction of new policies, The government's intention to rescue the market is very obvious. At present, with the devaluation of the RMB and the slowdown of economic growth, for second tier cities, especially the third and fourth tier cities, they are still facing the embarrassing situation of high inventory and slow decontamination. Some market rescue policies are still needed to alleviate the tense relationship between supply and demand. The reduction of down payment this time is conducive to the release of improved house purchase demand. However, the cancellation of the previous "limit order" and the new deal to reduce the proportion of provident fund loans to 20% have the same supplementary provisions, that is, differential treatment of first tier cities. For this year, the real estate market in first tier cities is overheated, and house prices are rising too fast, especially in Shenzhen. The government is also deliberately avoiding first tier cities while rescuing the market. Moreover, the transaction volume of the real estate market in July and August fell by a certain margin compared with the second quarter, which also shows that the government plays an important role in the economic operation of the real estate market and is also preparing for the arrival of the golden nine silver ten

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