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Shandong Zibo built propylene carbonate production base

Shandong Zibo built propylene carbonate production base

November 2, 2004

a few days ago, with the production of a 15000 ton propylene carbonate plant of Shandong Zibo Senjie chemical additives Co., Ltd., the company's annual comprehensive production capacity of propylene carbonate reached 30000 tons, ranking first in the same industry in China

propylene carbonate can be used to synthesize ammonia, dimethyl carbonate, etc. at the same time, it is also widely used as an important raw material for high-energy batteries and emerging coatings of projects, and is compatible with ultrasonic welding (used to connect separated connector parts in some designs). Due to the wide domestic market and large demand in the international market, the product has always been in short supply. The annual export volume of Sanjay company is more than 3000 tons in January and October. In order to meet the demand, the company invested 100 yuan in the design of fixtures, which was mainly based on the experimental standards of materials and the shape and material of samples (especially finished products and semi-finished products). It took only 4 months to build the device. The device adopts the most advanced technology in China. The process flow of the whole device is short, easy to operate, the equipment operates stably, and the product quality is good. After testing by relevant departments, various economic and technical indicators rank at the leading level of the same industry in the country, and fully meet the export standard

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