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Proposals of the two sessions: pay attention to the development of intelligent technology and strengthen the management of the real name system

representatives of the capital sector on the two sessions

the fourth session of the 12th National People's Congress will be held in Beijing, and as chairman of Jiadu group and CEO of Jiadu technology, Liu Wei will attend the meeting as a representative of the National People's Congress. As a representative of the National People's Congress of the science and technology business community and the capital market, according to the 21st Century Business Herald, Liu Wei focused his proposal on the development driven by scientific and technological innovation

although I am surprised by the rapid development of intelligent technology in China in recent years, I am also full of confidence in the future development of my enterprise in the field of intelligent technology. But they are also worried about some of its problems. Liu Wei said that the application of intelligent technology needs to be improved, especially in the commercial and civil fields. He advocated that while enterprises vigorously develop intelligent technology, the state should also speed up the promotion of its application efficiency

we should strengthen the development of intelligent technology and continue to innovate, and promote the construction of a beautiful China with innovative technologies and ways. Liu Wei said that around this major topic, there are two specific suggestions: first, we should strengthen the management of the real name system, promote the modernization of management, and realize the beauty of governance; Second, we should make full use of intelligent technology to maintain social stability (such as playing a role in rescuing abducted children), so as to achieve the beauty of harmony

implement modern real name system management

when Liu Wei brought this proposal entitled "strengthening real name system management and promoting management modernization", Liu Wei said: China has become an anonymous society characterized by information society in a short period of more than 20 years from an acquaintance society characterized by agricultural society for thousands of years, even if the real name system has been implemented in some areas such as airports, hotels and examination halls, However, the pressure and challenges brought by the huge social changes to all aspects of China's management are undoubtedly all-round

Liu Wei believes that while there are various deficiencies in the traditional real name system in the lower society, China has fully entered the online era of Internet, so it is urgent to strengthen the management of the real name system. The whole world is divided into two worlds, online and offline. The liberalization and disorder of networks have brought unprecedented new problems and new situations to social management. In order to solve these outstanding problems brought by the traditional real name system, strengthening the application of modern real name system has become increasingly prominent

with the definition of Interconnection: parallel to the back plate of the disc brake pad or the rim surface of the drum brake shoe is increasingly closely entering people's daily work and life, if there is no more perfect and effective real name system management in the future, there will undoubtedly be chaos in the world. Liu Wei said

in Liu Wei's view, especially for the auto parts industry, a standardized network society must closely refer to the pattern and logic of the real society. Only in this way can everyone survive and develop better in the interpersonal society

the networking community we want to build should also be convenient for everyone's self. According to foreign media reports, China's plastic extruder enterprises have seen a sharp rise in orders, display and social exchanges, and can also be easily managed. The real name system is the only way. Liu Wei said

previously, in order to rectify various illegal and criminal acts on the Internet in China, reduce the occurrence of network infringement and purify network information, the government has taken a series of limited network information rectification measures. Among them, it includes a series of real name policies, such as blog real name system, bar real name system and game real name system

however, Liu Wei also said that at present, it is unrealistic to comprehensively and strictly implement the real name system in the network, but management can be strengthened. First, we should gradually expand the scope of the real name system management, such as implementing the strict forum real name system, e-mail real name system, and the real name system of some social media. Some important stations require the implementation of the whole site real name system; Second, we can use more advanced technology to strengthen the management of the application of the original real name system, such as bank stations, e-commerce shopping stations, government social institutions service stations. This also requires the use of modern real name management, that is, the use of modern high-tech means, combined with the original real name management, to achieve the purpose of efficient management of online and offline, virtual and real worlds

AI technology brings feasibility

the development of intelligent technology, emerging new technologies such as efficient face recognition technology, big data technology, which will bring new and better solutions. If it is combined with the real name system, it will undoubtedly be more effective in eliminating the blind spot of public security control and helping relevant management departments and institutions to achieve more efficient social management. Liu Wei said

according to Liu Wei, the rapid development of modern artificial intelligence technology, combined with the progress of Internet technology, has made modern real name management completely possible

relying on the national citizenship system, the application of face recognition technology and big data technology can provide remote cloud authentication services, which can greatly promote the social promotion of the domestic real name system. Liu Wei said

among them, one of the key technologies is face recognition technology. At present, this technology has made a major breakthrough, solving the original world-wide dynamic biometric problem, and its recognition rate has reached 99.5%, far exceeding that of human eyes

the other is mature big data technology, which can effectively collect a large amount of data information in daily management, and be good at intelligent analysis from multi-source, decentralized and fragmented big data to find rules, so as to explore more potential of big data

its operation mode is suggested as follows: China's public security organs have the national ID card number database and identity big data, and some high-tech enterprises have biometric technology such as face recognition and intelligent analysis technology of big data. The two should be combined to establish an Internet cloud authentication service platform under the supervision of the Ministry of public security. The Internet cloud authentication service platform is the core hub of identity recognition, It can solve the problem of identity authenticity confirmation and identification of thousands of people, and provide efficient services to finance, telecommunications, examination halls, customs, airport railway stations, hotels and important stations

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