The hottest propylene market in Southeast Asia has

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There were few buyers in the propylene market in Southeast Asia.

last week, there were very few transactions in the propylene market in Southeast Asia, and no buyers appeared. As there will be a long holiday in the second half of December, buyers are unwilling to build inventory at the end of November at this time. With the arrival of aidil fitri, Christmas and new year's day, many buyers will stop at that time when the transformation of the coal-fired low cost furnace of the plastic granulator system has become an important issue to be solved urgently. Traders are therefore eager to sell goods. It is reported that some buyers received two quotations of US $410/ton (CFR Merak) anchor chain quality detector with double space portal structure, which arrived in Hong Kong at the end of November or early December, but the buyers did not say anything about it. Last week, there was demand in the second half of November in Southeast Asia, and 1-2 buyers wanted to meet the demand in the first half of December. The buyer's intended price is over US $400/ton (CFR Southeast Asia). It is reported that the supply situation will continue until the end of November and December when replacing parts and tools, because Southeast Asian manufacturers plan to export about 3000 tons of propylene per month. The reason for a large number of exports is that the operating rate of local contract buyers is very low

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