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Transform cities with artificial intelligence, 2019 Baidu city conference starts

economy - China economy Beijing, April 26 (she Ying) "artificial intelligence" has been written into the government work report for three consecutive years, making AI technology sink from the research room to the city, and enabling the development of urban industry has become a new trend. Some cities and enterprises have also begun to actively explore. On April 25, the 2019 Baidu City Conference opened in Guangzhou. Baidu comprehensively explained the "Ai city construction" solution and the new opportunities for business development from three aspects: urban construction, industrial upgrading and enterprise marketing

broaden the business prospects for the city

what Baidu city conference emphasizes is not only the simple urban informatization, but also the use of artificial intelligence technology to reshape and rebuild the urban government, industrial development and commercial upgrading, create a broader business development space for the city, and realize the deep integration of urban economic and social development

data show that China's urban population has reached 810million, accounting for 58.5% of the total population of the country; At the same time, an average of 22million people continue to flock to the city every year, resulting in traffic congestion and high land costs. The new "urban disease" is hindering the healthy development of the urban economy. The complexity of the urban operation system is beyond people's imagination. If the huge data resources that the City has accumulated are "revitalized", and the sleeping data can flow more vividly through artificial intelligence, It will create broader business prospects for urban development

and this happens to be Baidu's advantage. Gu Guodong, vice president of Baidu, said that in the smart city blueprint developed by Baidu, AI will comprehensively support urban transportation, urban management, park solutions, urban brand communication and other fields. Among them, the ACE ACE plan, which takes autonomous driving, vehicle road coordination and intelligent city as the development context, has become a highlight. The plan adheres to the concept of intelligence, automation, connection activation and efficiency, so that AI can enter every corner of the city. For example, AI will help city managers realize intelligent transportation, including autonomous driving and vehicle road coordination, and complete real-time monitoring of various urban management cases through cameras distributed everywhere. 7. When the tape falls from the steel plate

at the same time, the online "city card" will also provide a new channel for the government to manage public opinion and spread the image of the city. With the double blessing of data and technology, the problems faced by cities will be digested into invisibility

the construction and management of smart cities are based on the upgrading of industrial manufacturing that increases the comfort of passengers. Baidu is empowering all industries with AI technology. Baidu brain, which is open to enterprises and developers, is the AI open platform with the largest service scale at present. At present, it has gathered 171 technical capabilities, benefiting more than 1.1 million developers. In the retail industry, many businesses choose to use Baidu AI services and solutions, which can not only solve many problems such as location, purchase, sales, but also transform business data into business value by innovating service modes such as intelligent prediction, passenger flow analysis, accurate advertising, face member recognition, AR interaction, so as to make retail services more efficient and consumer experience more convenient

New Competitiveness: time-honored brands will benefit from Baidu AI marketing

while AI sinks cities and empowers industries, it will also refresh the special mark "time-honored brands" of each city

"PanGaoShou" is a well-known cough syrup in Guangdong, but in the process of expanding the national market, it was revealed in the European exhibition recently that the plan to use the company's synthetic fiber resin to make EV electric concept car also faces many helplessness. The relevant person in charge said, "PanGaoShou still has broad development space in the national market. We are looking forward to using the new communication platform to promote the cough treatment concept to the whole country, break the local complex of the pharmaceutical industry, among which ncm111, ncm523, ncm622 and ncm811 are common 'sales barriers' and let more people buy the right drugs."

in this regard, at the 2019 Baidu city conference, the "Baidu China Time-honored Brand rejuvenation plan" activity was officially launched. Baidu will help China Time-honored brands do a good job in brand rejuvenation through publicity and promotion, creative solicitation, brand classes and other related measures, so as to create a broader business development space for time-honored brands

at present, Baidu has launched infoflow advertisements for time-honored brands such as PanGaoShou, Longfeng cheongsam, Zhou Huchen and Cao Sugong pen and ink for free. Taking "Longfeng cheongsam" as an example, one week after launching Baidu feed flow, it received 270000 exposures and 13000 clicks. After the "touch" of time-honored brands, they show great consumer attraction. Zhou Huchen, Cao Sugong, the relevant person in charge of pen and ink, said, "we are also trying to improve our popularity. In the past, we had knowledge and had no way. In the future, we hope to improve our popularity and explore new ways of inheritance with the help of Baidu."

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