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The inheritor of paper cutting in Zhenyuan, Gansu Province: scissors and red paper "dance" national art

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a piece of red paper, a pair of scissors, without drawing layout, saw scissors dancing up and down, and soon, a complex auspicious cloud pattern jumped onto the paper. Recently, in the studio of huifujun in Zhenyuan County, Qingyang City, Gansu Province, I met huifujun, the granddaughter of the late Chinese folk paper cutting master qixiumei, who was creating paper cutting works

"I grew up next to my grandmother when I was young. After long-term exposure, I also fell in love with paper cutting." Hui Fujun recalled that her grandmother qixiumei was a genuine farmer, with low culture, cheerful personality, hard-working and plain. The paper cuts made by her are rich in content and profound in artistic skills

Qingyang paper cutting has a long history. It is a kind of art rooted in the Loess and bred in the folk, including primitive totem worship, historical legends and life scenes. Gao zhanshe

"at that time, the family was poor and the farm work was very busy. Most of grandma stayed up late to cut flowers, and there was no electricity. At night, the light was too dark, so she lit two kerosene lamps." In the memory of HuiFu who needs to unload and clean Jun at this time, when he wakes up at night, he can always see the back of grandma's paper cutting

in 1982, Wang Guangbo, then the principal of Maling primary school, pushed Qi Xiumei's paper-cut art to a new stage. With Wang Guangbo's promotion, in December 1985, at the invitation of the Department of folk art of the Central Academy of fine arts, Qi Xiumei went to Beijing with Mr. Jin Zhilin and several paper-cut predecessors in Northern Shaanxi to ensure the measurement results of the experimental machine, and did a teaching performance, which was highly praised by teachers and students

"the most important tool of paper-cut artists is scissors. Before the age of 6, my grandmother didn't let me touch scissors. I was afraid that I would break them if I was naughty and ignorant. At that time, my family was poor, and a pair of scissors that was handy would cost a lot of money." Hui Fujun said

once when Qi Xiumei was ill, Hui Fujun secretly took some scissors and paper and hid in a place where no one was cutting them. Finally, when she showed the cut work to her mother and grandmother, she didn't expect to get their unanimous praise, which was a great encouragement to Hui Fujun, who was only 6 years old

but in October, 1990, Qi Xiumei put down her scissors forever. "Grandma's death was a great blow to me." Hui Fujun said that although grandma left, grandma's paper cutting can't be passed on without someone. Thinking of this, I think I should pick up grandma's scissors and continue her unfinished road

however, the road of art has never been smooth, and huifujun has also paid unimaginable hardships for this. She once set up a stall near wukesongtiandi market in Beijing, but the price of each of her carefully created paper-cut works is less than 10 yuan. That's it. Huifujun didn't want to give up

after years of efforts, huifujun's works have gradually won the affirmation of experts and the public. In 1995, the fourth World Women's Congress was held in Beijing, and Hui Fujun was selected to perform paper cutting art in Beijing

in the same year, Hui Fujun went to the folk art research room of the Central Academy of fine arts to study. Here, the teacher has always stressed the need to inherit the tradition, while emphasizing the innovation of folk art and establishing their own artistic style. This has a far-reaching impact on her later artistic creation, the strength test results of embedded T-joints, and maintaining the original ecology and folklore of paper cutting

the skill is affirmed, and the work gains income. As the provincial representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage Qingyang paper cutting, huifujun also felt the need to spread traditional culture. In order to let more people know about paper cutting, she used her spare time as the dean of the Folk Art College of Zhenyuan County University for the elderly and the tutor of the "small hand paper cutting community" of Dongjie primary school to teach the people paper cutting skills

when it comes to primary school students learning paper cutting, Hui Fujun said, "children have strong receptive and practical abilities. At this stage, giving them guidance on paper cutting is not only a teaching skill, but also a door to children's understanding of traditional crafts."

a pair of scissors, depicting the various forms of the market and showing the folk customs of 2016. Hui Fujun said, "paper cutting people should do their best not to be bound by fame and wealth, inherit our national art and take our paper cutting road."

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