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Paper container barrels are exported to Europe and the United States

a paper barrel made of full paper structure has been successfully developed and has begun to be exported to the European and American markets. This paper container is all green and environmental friendly, and the iron hoop wood (or iron) bottom cover is eliminated

this kind of paper bucket does not need to use equipment such as punch, plate shears, spot welding machines or seam welding machines in the production of A-port and p-port, so as to reduce energy consumption, reduce cost and increase light pollution production by only $160. Its advantages are: simplification of raw materials, simplification of processing procedures, and high efficiency of production

paper drums with full paper structure can be divided into round and square ones, including its cyrolite acrylic copolymer square barrel and the plastic film of the outer packaging. It has the advantage of small floor area, which is conducive to more loading and transportation of containers, warehouses and shelves, and reduces costs

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