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Paper cup challenges plastic packaging

in the domestic yogurt Market, most of the packaging materials are PP, PS and HDPE, and the "Weiquan yogurt" packaged in paper cup has undoubtedly become the focus of the yogurt packaging market once it is listed. Weiquan is not the first dairy enterprise to use paper cups as yogurt packaging, but it is the first dairy enterprise in China to use paper cups as "stirred" yogurt

yogurt can be divided into coagulated yogurt and stirred yogurt. Coagulated yogurt is a product that is filled first and then fermented. Because it needs to be fermented after filling, it requires that the packaging materials can have a certain degree of heat resistance, but so far there is almost no relevant design research on the heat dissipation characteristics of textiles, and can withstand the fermentation temperature of 40 or 50 degrees. PP, PS and other materials are easy to produce a heavy plastic taste after heating, which will affect the product quality. Therefore, generally, solidified yogurt is mostly packaged in glass bottles and ceramic bottles. In order to facilitate transportation and improve the grade, some enterprises have replaced the packaging of solidified yogurt with paper cups

stirred yoghurt adopts the process of fermentation before filling, which does not involve plastic packaging materials that will produce plastic flavor when heated. Therefore, PP, PS and other plastic packaging materials have become the first choice of enterprises because of their low cost advantages. However, in order to improve the shelf display effect of products, Weiquan "stirred" yogurt, which is positioned in the high-end market, chose paper cup packaging with better printing effect when choosing packaging

according to Mr. Liu of Siguo company, compared with other packaging materials such as PP and PS, paper cups have good printing adaptability. Printing on paper cups can achieve very exquisite printing quality and greatly improve the display effect of packaging; Compared with plastic packaging materials, and its utilization range is unparalleled, paper packaging products are undoubtedly more environmentally friendly, so paper cups, as a packaging form of yogurt, are very popular in some developed countries. At present, there are not many domestic enterprises that use paper cups as yogurt packaging to save more production costs for enterprises, but people in the industry are very optimistic about the development prospect of this packaging form and believe that it will replace plastic and become the mainstream of yogurt packaging in the future

source of information: industry packaging solutions

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