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Paper enterprises have started a new round of production expansion, and the competition in the market "Red Sea" has intensified.

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core tip: Recently, Bohui paper issued a fixed increase plan, which plans to issue no more than 267million shares in private and raise no more than 1.44 billion yuan, which will be used for the project with an annual output of 1.5 million tons of high-end packaging cardboard. Bohui paper said that the completion of the project is conducive to consolidating and expanding the company's competitive advantage in the field of high-end packaging paper

[China Packaging News] recently, Bohui paper issued a fixed increase plan, which plans to issue no more than 267million shares in a non-public offering and raise no more than 1.44 billion yuan. It will be used for the annual production of 1.5 million tons of high-end liquid additive manufacturing using syringes. The premium rock wool raw materials are collected from natural rocks and deposited at room temperature. Bohui paper said that the completion of the project is conducive to consolidating and expanding the company's competitive advantage in the field of high-end packaging paper

however, many insiders said that the paper market is now a "Red Sea" with fierce competition. An executive of a listed paper enterprise told China Business Daily that the paper price has risen against the trend since the second half of 2016 and has continued to this day. Many domestic leading enterprises have expanded their production capacity, especially in the packaging paper industry, which makes the market competition increasingly fierce. Qu Lin, a paper analyst at business agency, also said in an interview that at present, the demand of the packaging paper industry has decreased significantly and the overcapacity is serious

overcapacity has put forward that after three industrial revolutions marked by the utilization of steam engines, extensive production and electronic information technology, Yinyou

as a material, high-molecular polymers are required to have necessary mechanical properties.

in recent years, some small and medium-sized paper enterprises have been eliminated due to environmental protection problems, releasing some market shares, coupled with the rise in paper prices, including Bohui paper, sun paper, Nine Dragons Paper Huatai shares and other large paper enterprises began to increase their layout

on March 6, the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau released the acceptance announcement of the environmental impact statement of the second phase of the 350000 ton/a packaging paper expansion project of Guangdong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Huatai, with an investment of 800million yuan

in 2017, sun paper launched two packaging paper production lines in Zoucheng base, with a total capacity of 900000 tons. When all of them are put into production, the total packaging paper production capacity of sun paper will reach 1.8 million tons, becoming the largest packaging paper manufacturer in Shandong Province

in addition, in 2017, Nine Dragons Paper decided to launch new packaging paper production projects in Quanzhou, Tangshan (Yongxin, Hebei) and Shenyang at the same time. After the three major projects are put into operation, its domestic production capacity will increase by 1.2 million tons

According to Qu Linxiang's analysis, since 2010, the demand for packaging paper has reached the peak, and the cumulative increase in production capacity is too much. The packaging paper industry has been in a state of oversupply. After six years of consolidation, the supply and demand of packaging paper industry has been stable. According to the statistical data provided by the China Paper Industry Association, the total output of packaging paper, carton paper, corrugated paper and whiteboard in China in 2016 was about 66million tons, and the capacity utilization rate was about 85%, which was in a reasonable range. In 2017, about 4.5 million tons were added, but the eliminated capacity has not been reported

the executives of the above listed companies told that at this stage, the major paper enterprises are laying out the packaging paper industry, and a large number of products will enter the market in the next two years. Once these domestic production capacities are fully released, the industry competition will be more intense

however, Jin Peipei, an analyst at zhuochuang information, analyzed that in recent years, the state has relatively strict requirements for the approval of environmental impact assessment of paper-making enterprises. New projects of enterprises are not allowed to start construction in advance without the approval of environmental impact assessment indicators, so some new production capacity announced by major enterprises may not be put into operation on schedule. On the other hand, affected by the slow environmental review and approval process and insufficient construction funds, the actual progress of new projects of some enterprises may be delayed or even stranded compared with the release date. From 2018 to 2022, the pressure of oversupply in the domestic packaging paper industry will increase slightly

according to zhuochuang statistical data, the planned new capacity of packaging paper in the next five years is about 28million tons, and it is estimated that the new capacity will be about 18million tons

risk of profit decline

it is understood that the construction period of the fund-raising project of Bohui paper is two years, that is, it will be put into operation in the second half of 2020. As of press time, Bohui paper has not replied to this newspaper on the issue of raising and investment

however, due to overcapacity, the price of packaging paper base paper has shown a downward trend

in early June, Nine Dragons Paper announced a sharp reduction in paper prices. Public information shows that on the morning of June 1, Tianjin Nine Dragons issued a price reduction notice to customers, with the price reduction range ranging from 100 to 450 yuan/ton. Among them, nine dragons ox card and gray bottom whiteboard will be reduced by 200 yuan/ton; The price of white faced beef cards and coated beef cards is reduced by 400 yuan/ton

According to Qu Linxiang's analysis, the current demand in the packaging paper industry is in a weak state. The transfer of overseas orders and the rise in paper prices have led to the rapid rise of problems such as "10000 times box", "zerobox green environmental protection recycling box", "shared box", "box and box together", and the demand for packaging industrial base paper in 2018 is bound to shrink significantly

Qu Lin said that paper packaging is widely used. In addition to the slight decline in the output of the cigarette industry last year, the overall output of several major downstream industries such as beverages, household appliances and medicine has maintained a certain growth rate. Consumers also put forward higher requirements for the performance design and decoration design of paper packaging. Packaging paper production enterprises have to produce products with strong folding and pressure resistance, good printing effect Paper packaging with a large variety of packaging designs and varieties constantly updates equipment, technology and technology. Therefore, there is still a certain development space for the demand for high-grade packaging paperboard

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