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In order to strengthen the supervision of highly polluting enterprises and ensure the improvement of environmental quality, on the morning of September 30, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Economic Commission, the Innovation Industrial Park, the star power company, the municipal efficiency office and other ministries took a joint action to shut down Suining Zaixin products factory, an enterprise listed in the provincial government's deadline for treatment this year

in the morning of that day, the joint action team came to the shizaixin product factory. The factory has not started yet, and waste paper can be seen everywhere. Li Dejian, deputy director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, read out the decision of the Municipal People's government to close the plant. Subsequently, the staff of the municipal environmental protection department immediately sealed the main equipment of the plant. And clearly require the person in charge of the plant not to start the equipment and facilities without the approval of the relevant departments, otherwise it will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the relevant regulations

according to BOT, boot, boot, blt, PPP and other methods, in the production process of the plant, the daily wastewater discharge was about 8001000 tons. Although it has been treated for many times, it was found in the inspection that the wastewater discharge of the plant could not meet the standard at all. For the needs of regional development and the protection of people, one of the difficulties of fuel cell implementation is the living environment of the people, With the approval of the municipal government, the plant was shut down according to law

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