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"Paper" display screen is favored by the public with its unique performance

Seiko Epson (hereinafter referred to as Epson) is a global leading enterprise in the field of digital imaging headquartered in Suwa, Nagano, Japan. Epson group promotes enterprise value through a culture full of innovation and creativity, and is committed to providing customers with innovative technologies and solutions for digital images. Compound micro materials are usually transparent or translucent. At present, there are production and R & D institutions in 32 countries and regions on five continents, and business and service points in 57 countries and regions

recently, Seiko Epson group and Taiwan Yuantai technology announced the joint development of a 300dpi resolution e-paper device, whose e-paper display screen can achieve high-definition text and image display. This new device combines Taiyuan Technology's high-resolution electronic paper display and Epson's high-speed display control platform to create the world's highest resolution electronic paper display. The display screen will greatly improve readability and convenience, and is suitable for places requiring a large amount of data. 4 Automatic storage: automatic storage of test data: commercial and educational institutions that can store the experimental data, judgment results and test curves of gas springs according to the production date can highlight their advantages in countries such as Japan and China that use character text

in this development cooperation, Epson and Taiyuan Science and technology have made full use of their respective strengths to achieve technological complementarity, which can be said to be a very good strong alliance. This kind of paper-based high-resolution display screen has the best electronic paper function: the text and image of the display screen are clear, the shape is light and thin, and the power consumption is extremely low. Thanks to its unique performance and advantages of being light, energy-saving and easy to read, the paper-based display screen has been highly praised and favored by consumers. In actual development, it has been unprecedented sought after in the market, and the market sales have also surged

Epson is responsible for the manufacturing, sales and support services of high-resolution high-speed display control platform. This platform is used to control the high-resolution display of eink. Taking full advantage of Epson's rich experience in the professional image processing technology field of photo printers, this display control platform combines display controller chips, application processors, system power management chips and firmware, which can provide excellent display control and improve operability at the same time. On this basis, Taiyuan Technology and Epson plan to continue to cooperate to develop technology, expand and upgrade the product lineup, and provide better customer support, so as to further promote the popularity of e-paper display screens in the commercial and educational markets

with the rapid popularization of e-readers in the world, our e-paper display technology will have the opportunity to enter more new market segments such as business and education. Scottliu, chairman of Taiyuan Technology, said that we will continue to improve the technical level of Taiyuan Technology to meet the needs of customers and consumers

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