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Paper dryer stripper

paper dryer stripper stops halfway after unloading/paper stripper

I. product introduction:

stripper is mainly used for the stripping of medium and high-grade toilet paper, light paper, printing paper, aluminum foil paper, process woven paper, high-grade packaging paper, etc., which can control the opening of conditioning packaging bags, the packaging speed of packaging machines and other production quality process objectives. It can also improve the softness of paper, improve the hand feel, and has antibacterial and hygroscopic properties, which can effectively improve the hand feel softness of facial napkins and napkins. Keep facial napkins and napkins moist. It solves the problems existing in the traditional application of tensile testing machine and other products when the oil is removed from the cylinder. It is the additive of the international top-grade household paper (from Nenjiang County, Heilongjiang Province) at present. It has the following advantages: 1. Improve the contact between the paper and the dryer, endow the paper with good peeling performance and keep the system clean. The paper page is free of oil spots. 2. Greatly improve the surface smoothness and gloss of the paper, without affecting the strength of the paper. 3. It can reduce the phenomenon of paper breakage, hair loss and powder loss. 4. Non ionic property can adapt to all kinds of papermaking systems. 2 Technical indicators: appearance: light yellow liquid ionic type: non-ionic active ingredient: 99% viscosity: 30MPa s/25 ℃ solubility: easy to dissolve in cold water III. product features: 1. Less dosage, easy to operate 2. Good stripping effect 3. Effectively improve the smoothness of the paper and improve the surface performance of the paper 4. Because of its non-ionic nature, it has good compatibility with other chemicals 4. Method of use: 1 Before use, dilute it with normal temperature soft water according to the dosage ratio, and spray it continuously to the surface of the dryer. The measuring roller can also be used to evenly coat the surface of the drying cylinder. 2. The dosage is generally 0.3 ~ 1.0 kg/ton of absolute dry pulp, but it should be increased or decreased according to the specific stripping situation. 5、 Packaging and storage: 1. Plastic barrel packaging, net weight 200kg/barrel. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, and pay attention to sealing to prevent freezing and exposure. The storage temperature is 4 ~ 35 ℃, and the storage period is more than 12 months. 2. The packaging barrel shall be marked with the following marks: product name, factory name, batch number, net weight, production date, product certificate

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