Top ten events in the wood door industry in 2017

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Top ten events in the wooden door industry in 2017

from early spring to Midsummer, the wooden door Jianghu is surging. Throughout the first half of 2017, the wooden door manufacturing enterprise Jiangshan oupai door industry was listed, leading the trend of household brand listing; 3D wooden door has signed a strategic cooperation with red star Macalline to start a new home journey; Tata wooden door Zhengzhou store opened in full dress, once again showing that there are thousands of people... From the pursuit of the capital market to the implementation of the corporate channel strategy, in the flat first half of 2017, the strategic layout of the door brand began to "engage in close combat"

event 1: Jiangshan europai door industry led the trend of listing. On February 10, Jiangshan europai door industry Co., Ltd. was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and officially landed in the A-share market. In the past two years, the listing tide of the household industry is fierce. As the first listed professional wooden door manufacturing enterprise in China, the news that Jiangshan oupai door industry Co., Ltd. is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange has attracted more enterprises to be ready to move in the capital market, hoping to use the power of capital to make great efforts in the home furnishing field

event 2: the development of 3D wooden door and red era has brought new opportunities for the development of the plastic extruder industry. Star Macalline signed a strategic cooperation

on March 8, 2017, the press conference of 3D wooden door and red star Macalline strategic cooperation was successfully held during the 24th Beijing International Construction Expo. Mr. xueguibin, general manager of 3D wooden door, and Mr. zhouxiaofeng, deputy general manager of the investment promotion management center of Red Star Macalline Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which marks the beginning of the in-depth cooperation between the two sides, and it also means that a new journey of home legend of 3D wooden door has begun

event 3: three Tata wooden stores opened in full dress one after another. On March 19, the Tata wooden store in Zhengzhou grandly opened. The opening of Tata wooden door of the store strongly invited Song Jia from the fashion industry and Meng from the design industry to talk about fashion and design; On May 6, Chengdu Fusenmei store of Tata wooden door was opened. Yundi Li, the "Prince of piano" and Meng ye, the star Royal designer, helped the audience on site; On June 10, Tata opened another store and settled in Hohhot. Ding Ning, the Grand Slam winner, will also come to the site as a guest of the event. A big lie about "China Gate" and "China ball" officially opened. "Make the best door for more people". In the seemingly unfashionable home furnishing industry, Tata wooden door has become the "star IP" of the wooden door industry in a short time with its keen market insight and dedicated research on consumer needs

event 4: oppeni wood door is a strong sword in the wood door industry on March 28, oppei Home Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as oppei home, stock code: 603833) was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and successfully landed on the A-share main board. This means that another heavyweight in the home furnishing industry is added to the capital market, and it also means that European home furnishings is marching towards the 10 billion mark and starting a new journey. As the only wooden door brand under europay home furnishing group, the sales of europany wooden doors have been growing at an average annual growth rate of more than 50% for three consecutive years, opening up a new territory for the development of europay home furnishings

Event 5: schneiman and kujiale signed strategic cooperation on March 31, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between schneiman and kujiale was held in Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou. Huangxiaohuang, chairman of kujiale, huangweiguo, vice president of schneiman and other major leaders of both sides, as well as more than ten media attended the event. Through all-round cooperation, the two sides will take design as the cornerstone of cooperation, concentrate on polishing the whole house customization service chain, provide consumers with a one-stop shopping and personalized overall home decoration scheme, and promote the standardization of whole house customization

event 6: Huangpai doors and windows released the white paper on urban noise.

on April 16, 2017, Huangpai doors and windows held a large-scale public welfare action of "refuse noise, please give her 35 decibels of love" on the world noise day, and jointly released the white paper on China's urban residential noise index (hereinafter referred to as the white paper on urban noise) with iResearch. Call on the public to pay attention to the impact of environmental noise on life and health, and take noise prevention and reduction measures in time. This is the key public welfare project of Huangpai doors and windows this year, and it is also the first large-scale public welfare project in China's doors and windows industry that pays attention to noise pollution

event 7: Sofia Huahe door industry Co., Ltd. was established

on May 3, 2017, Sofia Huahe door industry Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Sofia home furnishing Co., Ltd. and Huahe Group Co., Ltd., held a grand departure meeting at the headquarters of Qiqihar Huahe group. The registered capital of the company is 546938800 yuan, of which Sophia, headquartered in Guangzhou, holds 51% of the shares and contributes in cash; Huahe group, headquartered in Qiqihar, holds 49% of the shares and is funded by the assessed land use rights and real estate. The establishment of the company not only fully demonstrates the confidence of Sofia home furnishing and Huahe group in the future development of the door and window market, but also marks an important step towards the sustainable development of the high-energy ion beam 3D intelligent spray welding equipment and cermet products of Zhongwu Hongyu, a health holding subsidiary, by integrating resources and cross-border cooperation to expand and strengthen the home furnishing industry chain

Event 8: the nine dimensional cloud marketing project of Mengtian group was officially launched. On May 5, the launching meeting of the nine dimensional cloud marketing amoeba project of Mengtian group was held at the headquarters of Mengtian group. Mr. yujingyuan, chairman of Mengtian Mumen Group Co., Ltd., Mr. yujingbin, vice president of marketing, Mr. Guan Jun, vice president of operation, Ms. majianrong, executive vice president Dr. Changjiang Jingyan and other group leaders of the design institute and all channel marketing elites attended the kick-off meeting. The official launch of the Jiuwei cloud sales project means that Mengtian will officially enter the era of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent marketing. Jiuwei cloud sales is both an entrance and an exit. It is an integrated solution for systematic, all channel and closed-loop marketing. It will create a new sales concept and sales model, which will be implemented with intelligent manufacturing, truly realize industrial 4.0, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of century old Mengtian

Event 9: dinggu Jichuang issued a prospectus and planned to log on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. On May 26, Guangdong dinggu Jichuang home furnishing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "dinggu Jichuang") issued a prospectus at the CSRC and planned to log on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, issue no more than 28.5 million shares and raise rmb669million. It is reported that dinggu Jichuang was listed on the new third board as early as October 21, 2015, and entered the IPO counseling period on November 14, 2016. Since may24,2017, the transfer of the company's shares in the national share transfer system has been suspended. The planned listing on the growth enterprise market is dinggu's second sprint to the capital market. According to linxinda, the board of directors of dinggu Jichuang and the chairman of dinggu Jichuang, as stated in the prospectus, this listing is mainly for financing to expand business. In the case of a hot industry, dinggu Jichuang will continue to move forward at a steady pace. In the future, dinggu Jichuang will go forward in the field of large home furnishings through the troika of customized wardrobe, hardware and doors and windows

event 10: the new plant expansion of Xindi Mumen headquarters officially broke ground on June 26. Zhang Bin, general manager of Xindi business unit, and Li Jun, deputy general manager and marketing director of Xindi business unit visited the construction site to guide the construction progress and planning of the project. It is reported that in order to adapt to the growing market demand and improve the output, the newly expanded plant of Xindi wooden door covers a total area of 48.6 mu, which is 1.8 times the area of the original production workshop, with a total investment of more than 70million yuan. At the same time, the new plant has introduced international top wooden door automatic production lines in Germany, Italy and other countries. At present, the new plant has begun to recruit top operation management and production technical personnel at home and abroad, and is expected to be officially put into operation in mid December

at present, the door industry has entered the second half of 2017, and the trend and performance are still poor. A variety of new high-performance lithium battery materials have been developed and put into production. However, the strategic deployment of these leading brands has provided a guiding role for the development of the whole industry, and also guided the enterprises to lay a solid foundation for the layout of the second half

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