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Shandong double ended high-pressure fan preferred Tianchen machinery

Shandong double ended high-pressure fan preferred Tianchen machinery

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Shandong double ended high-pressure fan preferred Tianchen machinery

Tianchen Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in selling double ended high-pressure fans. In fact, the use of blowers is not only in some shopping malls and high-end places, In many cases, industrial production also needs to use blowers to achieve the ventilation effect of * * *. We have told users about the working state of blowers in shopping malls and air conditioners. How to ensure the working state and use effect of blowers in industrial environment? P> before comparing the number of fans with that of high-pressure fans, we have to compare the advantages of the two fans. Calculation formula: n = v × N/Q, where: n - number of fans (set), V - site volume (m), N - Ventilation times (times/hour), q - air volume of a single fan of the selected fan model (m3/h). The selection of blower model should be based on the actual situation of the plant, try to select the fan model matching the size of the original window, and try to keep a certain distance between the fan and the wet curtain (installed on both sides of the gable of the plant as far as possible) to achieve good ventilation effect. The exhaust side shall not be close to nearby buildings as far as possible to prevent affecting nearby residents. If the air brought out from the room contains environmental pollution, a water spraying device can be installed at the air outlet to absorb the nearby pollutants for centralized recovery without polluting the environment. Example: a computer consumes 150 watts, and the fan of the roof axial fan consumes 5 watts. When the summer temperature is 30 ℃, the CPU is allowed to work at 60 ℃, and the required fan air volume is calculated as P = 150W + 5W = 155W

advantages of axial flow fan stopping slow ventilation: excellent cooling effect; Single potential energy consumption is low, especially yesterday, which is advocating energy conservation; Ventilation opportunities are easy to dominate, and dew is not easy to emerge; There is no need to jointly equip the fan, so it is easy to be sensitive. The advantage of the blower is that the cooling and precipitation effect is obvious, and the ventilation time is short; The disadvantage is the high energy consumption of single potential; It is not easy for dew to emerge. When the axial flow fan is used to stop the slow ventilation, there will be no condensation phenomenon, only the rapid decline of grain temperature in the middle and lower layers, and the grain temperature will fluctuate and fall with the continuous stop of ventilation

for double ended high-pressure fan, it shall be evenly distributed and threaded. If the shaft hole of the casing is not 35mm, the processing size of the ring can be adjusted according to the above dimensions. Installation: remove the impeller and bearing box of the fan, take out the transmission shaft from the casing, and weld a ring on the shaft hole of the casing. After the other is sleeved on the transmission shaft, reinstall the fan, then wrap the oil immersed packing in the groove, press it with another ring, and then fasten it with bolts. If you still want to know about the blower, you can also pay attention to us. If you have any suggestions or questions, you can call us. Which charges for heater and air conditioner? It is mainly compared from the following aspects: Power: (take the need of a 20 square meter room as an example). Heater: suitable for 1800 watt heater. Air conditioner: it is suitable for 2 HP variable frequency air conditioner. Energy efficiency ratio: the energy efficiency ratio of air heater: 1. It consumes 1000 watts of electricity and generates 1000 watts of heat. Energy efficiency ratio of constant speed air conditioner: 3. It consumes 1000 watts of electricity and generates 3000 watts of heat

centrifugal fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet and motor

(1) the impeller is riveted with 72 forward thin plate arc blades and wheel cover, which are made of aluminum plate and corrected by dynamic and static balance. It has good air performance, high efficiency, low noise and stable operation

(2) the shell adopts steel plate welded whole piece structure, which is convenient for the installation of the unit

(3) the air inlet is installed on both sides of the wind discipline, and the section parallel to the axial direction is in a streamline section, which can make the air flow smoothly enter the impeller with less loss

(4) the motor rotor is fixed, and the impeller is installed on the motor shell, which is directly driven by the rotation of the motor shell. Because the motor adopts soft characteristics, the fan speed can be adjusted evenly with the help of three-phase voltage regulator to meet the requirements of variable system load

before the installation of double ended high-pressure fan, the impeller shall be checked for collision, and all parts shall be comprehensively checked to see whether the accessories are complete and whether the connections of all parts are fastened. Carefully check whether the wind blade is damaged or deformed due to transportation, otherwise it can be installed after repair. The air duct connecting the inlet and outlet of the fan shall have a separate support, and it is not allowed to add the weight of the pipe to the components of the fan. During the installation of the fan, pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan, and adjust the connection between the joint surface of the fan and the foundation and the air outlet pipe, so that the excellent carbon structural steel GB/T 699 (1) 999 naturally coincides with each other, and forced connection is not allowed. After the fan is installed, pull the impeller by hand or lever to check whether it is too tight or scratched, and whether there are objects that hinder the rotation. The test run can be carried out only if there are no abnormalities. The exposed part of the fan transmission device shall be provided with a protective cover (provided by the user). If the fan inlet is not connected with the pipe, it is also necessary to add protective or other safety devices (provided by the user). The fan wiring must be correct and reliable, and the fan shell shall be properly grounded, and the grounding must be reliable

different structures. Of course, the high-temperature centrifugal fan is centrifugal. Its motor is external and has a variety of transmission modes, such as direct connection, V-belt transmission, coupling transmission, etc. it has a special water cooling device, while the high-temperature axial flow fan is not so complex. It is only driven by motor direct connection or belt transmission. Because the nominal stress method does not consider the impact of local plastic deformation of dangerous parts and different load sequences on fatigue life, Therefore, it can not be applied to the low cycle fatigue dominated by plastic deformation, and there is no water cooling device. Explosion proof high-temperature axial flow fan shall be used to ensure the safety of use

Tianchen Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in selling double end high-pressure fans. First, select the fan with high efficiency and low circumferential speed of impeller, and make it work at * * * efficiency point. Corresponding noise elimination and vibration reduction measures shall also be taken according to the transmission mode of noise and vibration generated by the ventilation system. When the centrifugal fan is selected, when the motor power is less than or equal to 75kW, the valve for starting can not be installed. When the fire smoke exhaust fan is selected to discharge high-temperature flue gas or air, the valve for startup shall be set to prevent overload during cold operation. If the impeller diameter of the selected fan is much larger than that of the original fan, in order to use the original motor shaft, bearing and support, it is necessary to calculate the starting time of the motor, the strength of the original components of the fan and the critical speed of the shaft. When selecting fans, try to avoid parallel or series operation of fans. The selected fresh air fan shall consider making full use of the original equipment, suitable for on-site production, installation and safe operation. If you still want to know about the heater

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