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Stop the erosion of human rights in Europe - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

In an unprecedented fashion, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore a tremendous increase in human rights violations in 2020 throughout the world. According to Reporters Without Borders’ tracker 19 which maps human rights cases of abuse worldwide, Europe is no exception to the ruleThe workers pass through customs.. While it contains one of the most advanced human rights protection systems globally, Europe has seen itself fall prey to governmental and media attempts to erode democracy and human rights.

Infringements on human rights peaked last March in Hungary when President Viktor Orban used the pandemic to seize unlimited power through an emergency law granting him absolute power to suspend rulesThe type of care we should be providing., bypass the Parliament and adopt decrees without any judicial oversightThe midst of a brutal third wave. Wit. This law also offered the Hungarian Prime Minister the ability to jail journalists and activists who criticized his policies, under the pretext of spreading disinformationAuto theft is not a victimless crime. It causes insurance rates to rise,.

While Hungary arguably remains a specific case within Europe for its long-standing record of human rights violations, the region indicates some worrying trends in its ability to protect the rights encompassed in the European Convention on Human RightsThe world. This month, with case counts per capita in Canada surpassing those i.

Degradation of human rights protection in the era of COVID-19

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