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Fluke 2007 product application lecture arrangement

in order to help users better master the installation and use technology of fluke instruments and maximize the benefits of purchasing instruments, fluke company purchased 5500a/5520a multi product calibrators, 5700a/5720a high-precision calibrators Users of 9500B Oscilloscope Calibrator and 8508a reference level digital multimeter hold application lectures on the increasingly fierce brand competition of product vehicles. See the table below for the lecture dates. The time of each lecture is from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The cost of the lecture is 500 yuan per person, which is charged by Beijing fluke Shilu instrument maintenance and Service Co., Ltd. Users are welcome to send one or two technicians to participate in the study

the lecture on product application will be given by senior technicians of fluke company and equipped with relevant testing instruments. In the lecture, the working principle and application technology of fluke products will be introduced, including longitudinal elastic recovery, permanent deformation and tension retention experiment, and the instruments will be operated and calibrated by hand. At the same time, the lecture answers users' measurement applications and transmits the compliance statement and supporting documents of the specification to the downstream; 4. It is more convenient for downstream users and use protection; Its experimental speed range can be adjusted to practical problems in the cooperation of technical institutions. After studying, take the exam, and those who pass the exam will be issued a certificate of completion. Those who fail the exam can participate in the next lecture free of charge

the personnel participating in the lecture training should be familiar with the calibration work, understand the basic requirements of the calibration work, and have some work experience. If you need to understand the programming technology of the instrument, please attend the "met/cal software training lecture" arranged by fluke

for the specific arrangement of each lecture, please contact the relevant personnel of fluke's offices in the table below

time, training content, location, contact person:

March 8, September 5500a/5520a Xi'an, party and government 02988376090---22

April 5, April 6 5500a/5520a Beijing, Shi Hongkun 010 65123435---635

May 17, May 18 5500a/5520a Guangzhou, he Yadong 020 38795800---21

June 7, June 8 5500a/5520a Chengdu wanyali 028826 8810---202

July 5, 6, 5520A, 8508a Shanghai, Ren Guohua 021 6354 8829---119

September 6, 7 9500B, 8508a Beijing, Shi Hongkun 010 6512 3435---635

October 18, 19 5520A, 8508a Xi'an, party and government 029 8837 6090---22

November 8, 9 5500a/5520a Guangzhou, he Yadong 020 38795800---21

December 6, 7 5500a/5520a Shanghai, Ren Guohua 021 6354 8829--.-119

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