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Machinery manufacturing: continue to be optimistic about the core assets of construction machinery, recommend 8 shares

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on March 24, finance minister Liu Kun said at the "China development high level forum" that in order to cope with the downward pressure of the economy, he would continue to increase the scale of infrastructure, support cars, tap the potential of rural consumption, and reiterate his optimistic logic about construction machinery and new energy vehicles

[construction machinery] a large country and heavy equipment, we are optimistic about the high-quality core assets of construction machinery. First of all, for the domestic market, we believe that the volatility of this round of industry will be much smaller

first, the demand is supported by the scissors difference between equipment ownership and GDP. Coupled with human substitution and environmental factors, the sales volume is guaranteed to maintain the current central platform; 2、 Combing the three rounds of industrial adjustment in 2004/08/12 in history, the first two lasted for a short time with a small range, and finally experienced an in-depth adjustment that lasted for more than 5 years. The main reasons are the superposition of three factors: excessive demand overdraft caused by zero down payment + continuous large-scale expansion of the industry + downward demand of the industry. At present, this round of industrial recovery demand is highly authentic, including dealer collection rate, equipment operation rate Rental rates and other indicators are good, the supply side is stable, the policy is good, and the probability of sharp decline is small. Secondly, the current industrial accumulation starts from quantitative change to qualitative change, and the globalization of domestic construction machinery is expected to accelerate. First of all, in terms of industrial accumulation, the scale of China's domestic market is applicable to a variety of standards and the scale of domestic brands has increased rapidly, which has a certain leading position. In addition, the core parts field that restricts the development of China's construction machinery has made a substantial breakthrough. In addition, this round of industrial recovery, the strength of domestic enterprises has increased rapidly, and we are optimistic about the internationalization development of domestic brands. Third, the government work report proposes to reduce the current 16% tax rate of the manufacturing industry to 13%, and the introduction of tax cuts is expected to further enhance the profitability of the industry

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[New Energy Vehicles & ()]

the industry boom continues. The company continues to layout the new energy vehicle industry chain, and orders have increased significantly, proving that the industry trend is upward. The company's automotive automation orders have increased significantly in the first half of 2018, reaching 964million, a year-on-year increase of 180%, of which 430million orders came from enterprises, which proves that the company has begun to benefit from the expansion of production of new energy vehicle enterprises. Secondly, our car ownership has reached 2million, the power battery has begun to enter the recycling period, and the market scale is expected to gradually grow. 1. Qiantai technology 1. Change the four necessary conditions for the experimental machine to clamp the end of sample 1 in the upper jaw to give full play to the best working effect, and the two companies of jintaige cobalt industry will benefit from it. At the same time, jintaige is acquired by M & a funds, which does not rule out the possibility of being incorporated into listed companies in the future to further enhance the company

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