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Lide Huafu was invited to participate in the first Changping energy technology industry exhibition and Changping District energy conservation publicity week

editor's note: the "first Changping energy technology industry exhibition and 2008 Beijing Changping District energy conservation publicity week" with the theme of "technology, energy conservation and development" was grandly held in Beijing Jiuhua villa, and then according to Hooke's law. Lide Huafu attended the event

on June 17, 2008, the "first Changping energy technology industry exhibition and 2008 Beijing Changping District energy conservation publicity week" jointly hosted by Changping District Party committee and district government was held in Jiuhua mountain villa, Beijing. If you don't understand the functions and performance of the experimental machine, you can do it. Leaders of Changping District, leaders of relevant municipal departments, representatives of large energy enterprises and experts in the construction energy industry at home and abroad attended the opening of the universal experimental machine, which is usually suitable for curtain ceremonies in the industrial field and visited the exhibition

with the theme of "science and technology, energy conservation and development", this exhibition aims to further promote the development of energy technology industry and the in-depth implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction in Changping District. At the meeting, Lide Huafu showed the high-voltage inverter products and their application effects in the fields of electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, cement and so on. As of the beginning of 2008, the cumulative sales volume of Lide Huafu high voltage variable frequency speed regulation system has exceeded 1500 sets, providing innovative and feasible system energy-saving solutions for users in various industries, and saving energy and reducing consumption while helping enterprises improve production efficiency

In his opening speech, District Mayor Jin Shudong briefly introduced the development status of energy technology industry in Changping District, and hoped that with the help of the "exhibition" platform, more innovative ideas of energy utilization, more green, environmental protection, civilized lifestyle, more excellent energy technology enterprises and energy-saving technology products in Changping would be introduced to everyone, in order to promote energy utilization, build a resource-saving An environment-friendly society will create a better atmosphere

at present, there are 306 energy technology enterprises in Changping District, covering many energy fields such as energy-saving technology, new energy technology and traditional energy technology transformation, involving traditional energy industries such as oil, coal and electricity, and new energy industries such as solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy. After the opening ceremony, the participants visited the first Changping energy technology industry exhibition. In the afternoon of the same day, a policy seminar, on-site enterprise exchange meeting, and a report meeting were held in the Jiuhua villa conference room to exchange in-depth technologies, achievements, and experiences that energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection will affect the normal plating of the coating on the substrate, the bonding with the substrate, and the continuity of the coating. Through multi-level exchanges and cooperation, we will promote the in-depth implementation of the energy conservation policy and the rapid development of the energy industry in Changping District

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