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Machinery industry: construction machinery giants have successively laid out the value of the industrial interaction platform, which has attracted attention

Machinery Industry: construction machinery giants have successively laid out the value of the industrial interaction platform, which has attracted attention

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key points of this week: construction machinery giants have successively laid out their positions, and the value of the industrial interaction platform has attracted attention

the surface structure and feel are also achieved at the same time. On December 29, the China Academy of information and communications released the IOT white paper 2016, pointing out that the overall trend of the development of the global IOT is: (1) the development of the global IOT has entered a new stage, and is currently in a period of strategic opportunities before the industrial explosion; (2) The intelligent upgrading of traditional industries and the rise of large-scale consumer markets promote the breakthrough, innovation and accelerated promotion of IOT; (3) Governments of all countries intend to seize development opportunities and shape the international competitive advantage of IOT. The development direction of IOT in China includes car service, energy meter reading, wearable devices, industrial interconnection, smart home, smart finance, smart city, intelligent transportation, intelligent security, etc. Recently, the giants of the traditional construction machinery industry have frequently deployed industrial interconnection platforms, and the value of IOT platforms has been highly valued by the industry

after XCMG machinery laid out the industrial interconnection platform, Sany Heavy Industry accelerated the layout. Foreign Ge first proposed the concept of industrial interconnection in 2012 and launched its predix platform, aiming to optimize assets and operations of traditional manufacturing industries by means of big data and IOT. On November 23rd, 2016, XCMG announced to jointly build China's first industrial cloud platform "XCMG industrial cloud" with Huawei, Alibaba and Chinatelecom, trying to build a new industrial economic development model of "Internet + cloud technology + manufacturing" and build a Chinese version of predix platform. On December 28, Shugen Internet Technology Co., Ltd., based on China's earliest industrial Internet platform, officially announced the establishment of its brand. As early as 2008, Sany group, based on its own management needs as explained by Emilie siochi, used network technology to connect equipment, build a unique embedded integrated overall solution in the industry, and formed one of the earliest industrial interconnection platforms in China. Tree root interconnection was professionally established by the IOT team of Sany group. In the future, with the industrial big data processing and cloud computing technology capabilities accumulated by SANY group for many years, Shugen Internet will also focus on building a data integration system for R & D, production, service and marketing, help and service enterprises open up the data closed-loop channel of R & D and service links, and realize small-scale fast running and rapid iteration in intelligent product innovation

in the early stage, platform service providers mainly built platforms for single-layer functions. At present, the platform functions built by giant enterprises show the trend of full function integration. Big data and IOT technology drive manufacturing service is the future trend, and the key to manufacturing service lies in the digitalization of equipment. Industrial interconnection can be widely used in the fields of aviation, medical treatment, manufacturing, wind power and so on. By realizing the interconnection of equipment, the operating efficiency of the equipment itself can be improved, Improve industrial efficiency. According to GE's prediction, a 1% efficiency increase can help China's oil and gas, aviation, energy and other industries save $24billion in cost space. The industrial interconnection platform is expected to bring new profit models to traditional construction machinery giants

sector performance: the machinery sector fell 0.54% last week, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 fell 0.37% in the same period. The machinery sector ranked top in the list of gains and losses

industry highlights:

(1) the 13th five year plan releases new opportunities for fuel cell vehicles

(2) the oil and gas system reform plan is expected to be introduced next year, with upstream liberalization and independent management becoming the biggest highlight

(3) the growth rate in 2016 was higher than expected, and the machinery industry continued to be stable and good

(4) trilumina will show 256 pixel 3D solid-state lidar and advanced driving assistance system

(5) the first flight of C919 large aircraft will be delivered to the flight test center, and the first flight is imminent

risk tip: the upgrading of real estate regulation has led to a slowdown in investment

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