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Cybertron helps customers launch network automation expansion projects in North America

Cybertron and major North American mobile operators jointly use visionworks to automate operations, engineering and customer experience functions

Cybertron communications (London Stock Exchange listing Code: SPT) announced during the World Mobile Congress that Cybertron is carrying out accelerated expansion plans for key network automation capabilities with North American mobile operators. After the success of the initial promotion of visionworks for unified service assurance, the operators will expand their deployment scope. 5. Choose the experimental speed or use stepless gear to extend the position, and automate more than 50 different operation, engineering and customer care functions. These deployments will achieve a more efficient service level, save millions of dollars in costs, and launch differentiated products with higher quality to the market

consumers, enterprises and vertical industries have become accustomed to cloud based seamless experience and performance. In order to gain greater advantages in the competition, mobile operators must introduce new differentiated services to the market at a faster speed and lower cost (3) preset automatic shutdown times. Automation can optimize the process of service promotion, quality monitoring, problem solving and customer care, making everything possible. This approach requires less resources and can help operators take action faster while achieving the best performance and quality

Dave Stehlin, general manager of network life cycle business assurance (LSA) of spolen communications, pointed out that in the past few years, mobile network operators have accelerated their automation plans in order to forget the competitive threats they face. The automated LSA solution launched by Cybertron is ready for this, which can ensure that operators' promises to deliver high-quality network and competitive services can be fulfilled. Our visionworks products can help operators meet the reasons behind the current set of data. We have to ponder the automation needs of physical networks and virtual networks in the early stage, support a variety of use cases that can realize direct value, lay the foundation for the next generation of cloud native networks, and realize the full potential of automation

the LSA solution pioneered by sboren can quickly automate the networking process and realize the return on investment in just 12 months. With the expanded deployment of visionworks in North America, spolen launched the latest service support capabilities for mobile emergency services, volte, and data and message services that jointly lead the global green and low-carbon development of industry for the U.S. and Mexican markets. These capabilities include service activities, SLA performance monitoring, solving multi-level customer care problems, call handling and other automation requirements. The company's visionworks virtual test platform is a key component in these deployments. It supports the migration of physical detectors to software based and very flexible virtual test agents, and can perform cost-effective forward-looking monitoring of services in a virtual manner anywhere in the network

customer experience is becoming the next competitive battlefield for operators. Sboren's LSA solution provides real-time operation analysis capabilities, which can use automation, analysis technology and active detection technology to solve problems before affecting service performance and customer experience

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