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Machinery manufacturing enterprises should enhance their adaptability

Guide: the machinery industry has gained in recent years, and the scope of losses of paper enterprises has also expanded rapidly. In 2003, compared with 2002, the industrial added value, total industrial output value, sales revenue, total exports, patience, total profits and the comprehensive index of industrial economic benefits of the machinery industry increased by 20% to 50%. The momentum of rapid development continued until the first half of this year

The machinery industry has developed rapidly in recent years. In 2003, the industrial added value, total industrial output value, sales revenue, total exports, total profits and the comprehensive index of industrial economic benefits of the machinery industry increased by 20% to 50% compared with 2002. The momentum of rapid development continued into the first half of this year. Compared with the same period in the first half of last year, although these indicators have fallen, they are still in the high-speed growth section. In this regard, some people worry that the good times will not last long, and will fall after a big rise. Since May and June this year, the impact of the macro-control measures taken by the state on the machinery industry has gradually emerged, so people's anxiety has increased a bit

in this regard, Zhu sendi, vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, recently pointed out that the growth rate of 20%, 30% or even 50% is a special situation for a large industry in a country to maintain for one or two years, and it is impossible to maintain for a few years. Some industries, which are in the high-speed growth range of more than 30% in recent years, will inevitably cause imbalances among various departments of the national economy. In order to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the national economy, the state has not unified 1 standards; There are great differences in the standards adopted by various regions, and corresponding macro-control measures must be taken. The decline after high-speed growth in 1992, 1996 and 2003 has illustrated this point

machinery industry is a large industry in China's national economy, with many categories. The overall development of the machinery industry is in the high-speed sector, and not all small industries can get high-speed development. Since May and June, the construction machinery industry has borne the brunt, and has been affected by the national macro-control measures; However, the power equipment industry is still rising due to the impact of power shortage. However, some experts estimate that after 2007, the domestic power supply shortage will be alleviated. At that time, the production capacity formed by the power equipment manufacturing industry will be oversupplied

the rapid development of the machinery industry in recent years has mostly benefited from the national guidelines and policies to stimulate domestic demand. However, domestic demand also has a certain limit and time limit. Once the pulling force of domestic demand weakens and the competitiveness in the international market is not strong, how to maintain high-speed growth in the machinery industry has become a problem. In the period of rapid growth, in order to get as many orders as possible, enterprises must find ways to expand production capacity. After the high-speed, the huge production capacity has been formed. How to eat is also a practical problem. The construction machinery industry will first encounter this problem in the second half of this year, the car industry will also encounter it soon, and the power equipment manufacturing industry will encounter it a few years later. Jusendi pointed out that many industries in the machinery industry will encounter this problem

as an enterprise in the machinery manufacturing industry, it is very important to enhance its adaptability. Enterprises with sufficient adaptability can quickly respond to the market when growing at a high speed, integrate relevant resources, get ahead of time, start first, and get more orders soon. When the time is right, develop yourself greatly; Once the growth rate slows down, these enterprises have long made plans and made full preparations, either turning, upgrading, or exporting, and can quickly find a way out for the formed excessive production capacity. The reason why such enterprises can advance and retreat freely and respond well is that on the one hand, the leaders of these enterprises have a long-term vision and have prepared for possible situations. On the other hand, these enterprises have adopted a very rational and scientific attitude towards the expansion of production capacity. First of all, instead of blindly expanding investment in fixed assets, we should tap internal potential, improve management, and improve our own capabilities; Secondly, make full use of the existing resources and capabilities of society and integrate these resources for your own use; In addition, when expanding production capacity, we should try our best to form a flexible small production system, which can meet various needs

adaptability is also the competitiveness of an enterprise, and it is also the guarantee for an enterprise to remain invincible and maintain long-term competitive advantage. Adaptability comes from foresight and is rooted in the understanding that "people without foresight must have immediate worries"; adaptability also lies in conscious cultivation. Many collapsed enterprises have been prosperous for a period of time, but due to lack of foresight, they are troubled by various immediate worries and can't continue, and can only lose in the fierce market competition

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