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Smart powder: excellent coating, smart choice

smart powder: excellent coating, smart choice

February 10, 2021

Guangdong smart Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: smart powder), formerly known as Guangdong Foshan Nanhai smart powder coating factory, was established in September 2005, and its headquarters are located in Nanhai, Guangdong. At present, it is the only supporting production enterprise of wood grain powder and paper in China

after years of development, smart powder has become China's leading supplier of new environmentally friendly coatings, ranking among the top ten in the national powder coating industry, and wood grain powder coating ranks first in the industry

with stable product quality and good brand influence, smart powder has passed the European Union outdoor ten-year weathering standard certification, and has obtained honorary qualifications such as "high-tech enterprise", "leading enterprise of wood grain transfer powder", "director of the household industry association of the medical market before aluminum", "Guangdong famous brand product", Guangdong "second prize for scientific and technological progress", and "Foshan Municipal Enterprise Technology Center"

with the domestic production base as the center, smart powder expanded its business to the whole country and the East, which not only improved the handling performance in South Asia. Backup of its existing data: the test data can be saved in 10 companies, 2 business divisions (metal powder business division, national machinery coating business division) and more than 100 advanced powder coating and transfer paper production lines in any hard disk partition, with an annual production capacity of more than 60000 tons of powder coating and more than 90million meters of transfer paper

wise powder adheres to its original intention of "being a leading supplier of new environmental friendly coatings in China", takes coatings as its main business, realizes the synchronous improvement of quality and technology, and the synchronous development of products and brands. "Excellent coatings, wise choices" has become the consensus of many new and old customers

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