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Hanlong congratulated on the successful conclusion of the 2017 China (Nanjing) system integration intelligent industry exchange conference

on December 23, 2017, the China (Nanjing) system integration intelligent industry exchange conference was held in Nanjing century edge Lakeside Garden Hotel. The atmosphere of the conference was lively. Hanlong congratulated on the successful holding of the exhibition, and thanked the China system integration intelligent industry information platform and the constant risk of Nanjing, It provides a platform for exhibitors to display products and communicate with each other, which makes us gain a lot

Xia Qin, the domestic sales manager of Hanlong technology, signed in at the scene

in this exchange meeting, Hanlong technology brought uc900 series products, from the entry-level IP phone uc901 to the Gigabit color screen phone uc926, and the phone uc926e and uc46 expansion board with WiFi and Bluetooth functions were displayed. In addition, the new product uc912g also appeared at the scene, and its exquisite appearance and practical functions became a highlight to attract guests:

learn more details http://mp. With the in-depth development of the Internet industry, domestic integrated communication technology has also been widely used in all walks of life, especially SIP communication, which is easy to deploy, configure and operate compared with the traditional PSTN communication mode, with good product compatibility and convenient capacity expansion, The advantages of low operation and maintenance costs have been recognized by colleagues in the domestic system integration intelligence industry. The atmosphere at the exhibition was lively, and the guests warmly raised their concerns. We fully communicated on hot issues such as IPv6 address mode, broadband opus coding, multi-party meetings, unified communication mode, and automatic deployment of IPPBX system

at the same time, other exhibitors also brought their latest technologies and products. Through mutual learning and exchange, we have a further understanding of the future development of the communication industry, which provides us with more ideas for product improvement and technological innovation in the future. The questions raised by guests at the exhibition also help us provide direction in improving user experience

uc900 series IP phones launched by Hanlong technology in recent years will continue to promote the development of informatization, intelligence and integration, and meet the applications of various scenarios for industry customers. We are willing to work with the colleagues of krispian Lawrence, the system integrator, who announced that lechal will become an intelligent industry for mass users, to contribute to promoting the application and development of the domestic integrated communication industry

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about Hanlong Technology Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Hanlong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. As a professional R & D and manufacturer of VoIP equipment, in recent years, it has successively launched analog adapters ATA, gateway and VOIP phones, and customized and developed relevant terminal products for overseas customers. For more than 10 years, Hanlong technology has had close cooperation with VoIP product agents, system integrators, IP PBX manufacturers and Internet service providers all over the world. Continue to be deeply compatible with more IP pbx/pbx manufacturers. At present, the products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and so on

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