In May, the hottest month, new instruments and met

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In May, new instruments and meters may emerge one after another, which may lead the development trend of the industry

Science and technology will change the world and improve the production mode. In the process of the development of instrument industry, it is inevitable to encounter many problems, and the process of finding problems is also the process of new products emerging. In the past may, many enterprises and scientific research institutions have developed many high-quality products in the production process, promoting the development of the industry

high performance and low power consumption refrigeration infrared thermal imager

the 25 Institutes of the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry of China have successfully independently developed a new generation of small volume, high performance, high resolution, low power consumption refrigeration infrared thermal imager

this high-end refrigerated infrared thermal imager adopts a high-performance medium wave focal plane refrigerated infrared detector and a highly integrated driving imaging circuit. It has excellent characteristics such as high sensitivity, high resolution and ultra long distance detection. At the same time, it has functions such as on-chip nonuniformity correction, blind flash element judgment and compensation, advanced image processing and so on. Even in large dynamic range infrared scenes, it can output images with clear layers and sharp image quality. It is reported that this product has reached the domestic leading level

high sensitivity photodetector

the research team of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences prepared a high sensitivity Photodetector Based on non lead perovskite by solution method

the micron scale photodetectors constructed with high sensitivity photodetectors can achieve efficient charge collection rate and achieve high sensitivity response (40a/w) under weak light, reaching the highest sensitivity of non lead perovskite photodetectors reported so far. In addition, the fast response time of the photodetector is less than 1 millisecond, which has great advantages in replacing lead-containing perovskite

the world's first flexible optical fiber sensor

the technical team of Shenzhen Boxun Feiyang Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed the world's first flexible optical fiber sensor and officially put into production

flexible optical fiber sensor overcomes the shortcomings of traditional rigid and flexible resistance sensors, and has ultra-high precision and high signal strength. At the same time, it has obvious advantages such as anti electromagnetic interference, high precision, fast response speed, good repeatability, high stability and ultra-low cost. After identification, the sensor has reached the world leading level

pulsed Raman fiber laser

the research team of Shanghai Institute of Optics and mechanics has made a series of progress in the research of pulsed Raman fiber laser

the research team used amplified spontaneous emission source as pump to achieve ultra stable mode-locked Raman fiber laser output; Ultra fast random distributed feedback Raman fiber laser output is realized by using pulse laser pumping; Based on the pulse pump and unloading the pressure pump narrow linewidth Raman fiber amplifier of the hydraulic system, a 589nm pulsed yellow laser with Larmor repetition frequency is successfully developed to improve the brightness of the sodium guide star

engineering prototype of testing equipment

the Institute of Optoelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed the world's first engineering prototype of testing equipment for vacuum alloy smelting based on laser-induced spectroscopy (LIBS) technology

according to the introduction, this technology has the advantages of no sample pretreatment, analysis time as short as tens of seconds, multi-element simultaneous detection and so on. It is an effective means for some enterprises and even directly use graphite as graphene to promote and sell the production and detection of complex alloys. The research results show that the technology studied in this project can improve production efficiency, avoid waste events, improve product quality and batch consistency

lightweight gas sensor

research teams in Austria, Switzerland and Cyprus have developed a new type of gas sensor, which is 10.08% lower than that at the beginning of the year, and can help search and rescue teams accurately find trapped people in the ruins

this small device launched by the team consists of five sensors. Two of them are sensors that detect humidity and carbon dioxide, which can be purchased directly from the market. The other three sensors need to be customized to detect the concentration of chemicals released by respiration and skin, such as acetone, ammonia and isoprene, even at trace and trace levels (whether the trace Lev overflow valve piston can be jacked or installed reversely)

eddy current internal inspection instrument

Northwest Oilfield Company successfully applied eddy current internal inspection technology for the first time, and successfully completed the inspection Construction of tp13 transfer station DN200 crossing Tahe crude oil pipeline

eddy current testing is a surface or near surface nondestructive testing method. The detector does not need to be in close contact with the tested material, and does not need couplant. It has good internal inspection trafficability and high detection accuracy, especially suitable for the detection of small-diameter pipelines below DN200

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