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In October, all localities issued 34 rental and purchase regulation policies and continued to promote them.

in October, all localities issued 34 rental and purchase regulation policies and continued to promote them.

November 6, 2017

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as one of the policies of the long-term mechanism of real estate regulation, promoting the development of the housing rental market is continuing to deepen. According to statistics, a total of 25 cities across the country issued 34 real estate regulation policies in October, including nearly 20 policies to encourage leasing

for example, on October 31, the new lease policy in Beijing was officially implemented; At the same time, the Beijing Housing leasing supervision platform and the service platform were launched simultaneously. On October 30, Guangzhou issued the "notice on issues related to housing rental standards in Guangzhou"; The Guangzhou Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development also issued the "Guangzhou rules for the filing of housing lease contracts" and the "Guangzhou housing lease contracts" (model text), which made it clear that during the lease period, the lessor should not unilaterally increase the rent, and required that the housing lease contract must be filed at the window or on the. Those who fail to go through the registration and filing procedures within the time limit will be fined up to 10000 yuan. Taiyuan and other cities have also issued leasing policies

Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline real estate, believes that the most important feature of the policy in October is that from "no speculation in housing and housing", the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and other departments began the joint inspection of prices, to the implementation of leasing policies in cities including Beijing, which represents the continued deepening of real estate regulation. For real estate regulation, the combination of rent and purchase is an important part of the long-term mechanism. Encouraging rental consumption, stabilizing rental relations, and giving renters more rights are not only an important part of the scientific concept of housing, but also can avoid the ups and downs of the real estate market and reduce the irrational demand for house purchase

In May 2017, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development publicly solicited opinions on the regulations on the administration of Housing leasing and sales (Draft for comments), which stipulated the rent, lease term, and the protection of the lessee's living rights. If the number and range of rent adjustment are not stipulated in the housing lease contract, the lessor shall not unilaterally increase the rent; Encourage the signing of long-term lease contracts such as paddle panel mixers

according to the guiding spirit of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, all provinces and cities have accelerated the introduction of relevant rental housing policies. For example, Guangzhou recently made it clear for the first time that the per capita living area of rental housing in Guangzhou should not be less than 5 square meters, and group renting is strictly prohibited; It is stipulated that kitchens and toilets shall not be added to the reconstruction of single houses, and "room in room" is prohibited; It is strictly forbidden for dormitory and housing rental enterprises to operate "capsule apartments"

in the "notice on accelerating the development and standardizing the management of the city's housing rental market" recently released by Beijing, it has also been comprehensively standardized. These include "strengthening housing rental management services, increasing the supply of rental housing, including medical and electronic as wire coating; establishing a housing rental supervision platform to provide convenient public services; clarifying housing rental behavior norms; strengthening the supervision of market players."

in addition to regulating the rental market in terms of policies, the supply of rental plots in various cities is also accelerating. Centaline Research Center statistics show that up to now, more than 10 cities across the country have sold rental land, supplying more than 80000 sets. Beijing, Foshan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Zhuhai, Tianjin, Chengdu and other cities began to accelerate the supply of leased land

among the more than 25 land transactions in Beijing, some of them have held rental houses with an area of 1.36 million square meters in 70 years, and can provide about 20000 rental houses (four of them are 100% owned, and the others are built in different proportions). Superimposed on the land listed subsequently, the cumulative supply of leased land in Beijing is expected to be close to 2million square meters within the year

since the first residential land transaction in Shanghai in July 2017, up to now, Shanghai has launched 25 leased residential land, with a sold area of 963200 square meters, with a total construction area of nearly 2million square meters. There will also be 10 transactions of leased residential plots in November

Shenzhen land and real estate trading center also announced that the use right of parcel a will be publicly transferred by listing on November 10. The biggest feature of this parcel is that rental housing and commercial housing are self-sustaining throughout the transfer period (70 years). The first leased housing land in Hangzhou was successfully sold on October 27, and the state-owned enterprise Hangzhou Chengdong new City Construction Investment Co., Ltd. won at the base price of 453.9 million yuan, equivalent to the floor price of 5049 yuan/square meter. On October 11, Guangzhou sold six plots of land at one go, of which kxc-k plot located in Science City, Huangpu District is the first "fully self-sustaining" plot listed for sale in Guangzhou, and it is also the first lottery plot in Guangzhou

Zhang Dawei pointed out that from a national perspective, the total leased land area transferred by multiple cities is more than 5million square meters. Based on an average of 60 square meters, more than 80000 rental houses can be directly provided, concentrated in first tier rental hot cities such as Beijing and Shanghai

breakthrough in land and finance

recently, the central government reiterated to the real estate industry that "houses are for living, not for speculation", and proposed to speed up the establishment of a "housing system with multi-body supply, multi-channel security, and simultaneous rent and purchase", so that all people can live in

in this regard, CICC analyst Zhang Yu believes that rental housing will become an important focus for the establishment of a "long-term mechanism". Policies to curb demand, such as purchase restrictions, are only short-term regulatory means. The key to solving the housing problem is to increase effective supply and optimize the housing supply system. From Guangzhou's emphasis on "the same right to rent and purchase" and Beijing's introduction of shared property housing to the pilot of rental housing in 12 cities, it shows that the central government has gradually shifted the force point of the property market policy to the supply side, and the construction of rental housing will be the core of the housing supply side reform

Zhang Yu said that "multi-agent supply" means to break the traditional housing supply system with the government and real estate enterprises as the single main body, and encourage housing rental enterprises, institutions, village collectives, etc. to participate in the housing supply system; "Multi channel security" is to enrich the public housing system through the development of rental housing and common property housing, so as to truly establish a multi-level housing system with "high-end market, middle-end support and low-end security". According to its estimates, China's current rental population is close to 200million, corresponding to an average annual rental housing market size of 1.1 trillion

however, Zhang Yu also pointed out that the implementation of the policy should be based on the fact that the average daily number of bacteria exposed to the handle of land and jintongxiang bicycle is as high as 800000 and 800000 financial ends. The large supply of leased residential land will have a huge impact on the land transfer income of local governments (it is estimated that the policy of using urban construction land to supply leased housing must sacrifice 600 billion land transfer fees, accounting for 60% of its net income from land transfer), and collective construction land can become a breakthrough in incremental supply. At the same time, due to the large investment and long return cycle in the early construction of rental housing, we should increase the support for the financing of construction subjects, develop REITs and other asset securitization tools, and establish and improve the financial supporting system

at present, significant progress has been made in financial support. On the evening of October 23, Poly Real Estate issued an announcement on the approval of the listing and transfer of the special plan for asset support of rental housing, and its issuer "Zhonglian Qianhai open source - Poly Real Estate No. 1 asset support special plan for rental housing" received a letter of no objection from the Shanghai Stock exchange. The special plan will be issued in installments, with a total issuance amount of no more than 5billion yuan

Yan Changming, an analyst at industrial securities, believes that central enterprises such as poly real estate and China Merchants Shekou are bound to play a leading role in promoting the securitization of rental housing assets. Opening financing channels and exit ways through REITs also provides space for leasing enterprises to expand the scale of assets. With years of good cooperation with leading enterprises, the long-term rental apartment leader of worldlink, the apex of this figure, will inevitably achieve rapid development in asset operation under the background of the promising future of the leasing industry

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