In mid February, the price of formaldehyde, a raw

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In mid February, the price of formaldehyde, a raw material of organic chemicals in Southwest China, was relatively weak due to the weak trading volume in the current methylaldehyde market in Southwest China. Recently, the price of methanol in the upstream tends to be stable, and the supply is relatively sufficient, which is conducive to the production of formaldehyde manufacturers. Therefore, city 3: the pendulum position is abnormal, and according to these data, we can get a formula source that is relatively loose. At present, the downstream demand for formaldehyde has not fully recovered, buyers' enthusiasm for purchasing is not high, market sales is relatively slow, and the inventory is gradually rising. However, supported by costs, the price of formaldehyde has not been further reduced. In the future, with the warm climate, the downstream demand will gradually expand, and the peak season of formaldehyde consumption will also come, which is conducive to the recovery of formaldehyde market. However, if the upstream raw material market fluctuates significantly, it will have a direct impact on formaldehyde through product costs. Therefore, the later trend depends on the change of market environment to a large extent. At present, the market price of formaldehyde in Southwest China is 1150 ~ 1280 yuan/ton

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