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PVC extrusion welding technology is widely used in the production of pipe systems and large chemical containers. For a long time, in the welding process of PVC chemical containers and the welding construction of some pipeline systems, simple hand tools have been relied on for welding. Compared with the extrusion welding process that can be used in PP, PE, etc., this method is more time-consuming and laborious, especially when using thick wall plates and thick wall pipes. Generally speaking, the trapezoidal lead screw gap is relatively large, the friction is relatively large, and the application life is short. Sometimes a weld needs to be welded repeatedly for several times, which not only prolongs the operation time, but also easily causes hidden dangers in the welding quality at the interface between the welding rod and the welding rod. Therefore, for quite a long time, the market has a high voice for the use of extrusion process for PVC welding processing

Leister company of Switzerland has been at the forefront in the development of PVC extrusion welding equipment and has accumulated rich experience. After hard research, the PVC extrusion welding of Leister company has been introduced to the market as a mature technology

due to the characteristics of PVC material, its processing temperature range is very narrow, that is, it has thermal instability. In addition, because there are many additives, fillers and pigments in the PVC formula, they are very easy to volatilize in the form of small molecules during the heating process. If they are slightly inappropriate, they may affect the quality of PVC melt, which will eventually have a negative impact on the welding quality, and even cause voids in the interior and lead to welding failure. In terms of the design of the core components of Leister company - extrusion screw and heating cavity, decastro added: with the help of this new technology, repeated tests have been carried out. Weldplast S2 PVC enables the manual extrusion welding gun to successfully solve these problems, which can ensure the continuous extrusion of PVC melt with high quality

extrusion plastic hot air welding gun usually adopts the following process: on the one hand, preheat the surface of the welded base metal to the welding temperature through hot air, soften the surface of the material, and enhance the fluidity. At the same time, the welding rod is fed into the screw through the feeder, and the welding rod is extruded after heating and melting, and the screw is stirred and re plasticized, and then extruded to the heated surface of the welded base metal under applied pressure, The solder and the base metal to be welded are pressed into the weld according to the different shapes of the welding nozzle and the actual requirements, and the materials at different interfaces are completely fused. With the decrease of temperature, the welding rod melt and the base metal to be welded penetrate each other and are solidified and combined into a whole, so as to ensure high welding strength. The weldplast S2 PVC extrusion welding gun of Leister company is designed with two independent heat sources to heat the molten electrode and preheat the base metal respectively, which not only ensures that the base metal can have sufficient fluidity, but also ensures that the electrode melt will not be damaged due to high temperature

in order for the operator to easily adjust and monitor the process parameters, the weldplast S2 PVC extrusion welding gun is designed with a digital display system, which can visually see the melt temperature, preheating hot air temperature, air volume ratio and extrusion speed ratio. One of the operators can adjust the specific brand of their respective materials, and then weld immediately. After the first welding is completed, the parameters can also be stored to facilitate the operation when the same material is used again

in addition, the weldplast S2 PVC extrusion welding gun also integrates the brushless motor technology. Compared with ordinary motors, it can be used continuously for a long time without replacing the carbon brush, avoiding the phenomenon that sometimes the welding has to be interrupted during the construction process, and greatly improving the construction efficiency. The preheating hot air nozzle can be fixed at different positions, so that the extrusion welding gun can be used to weld the plates (K-type welds) that need attention in two aspects of the mechanical properties of Jinan experimental machine factory perpendicular to each other and the butt joint parts of two plates (V-type or X-type welds), which is extremely applicable

in addition to welding PVC materials, the welding gun can also weld pipes processed from HDPE and PP materials, large-diameter winding pipes/bellows, plastic electroplating tanks, tanks, and thick plates. It has high welding strength, good sealing effect, wide weld, large discharge volume, fast speed, and one-time welding forming; It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and portability, and can be operated by one person without external air source

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