Fabrication process of the hottest Dazu steel shea

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Production process of Dazu steel sheathed steel prefabricated insulation pipe

production process of Dazu steel sheathed steel prefabricated insulation pipe

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production process of Dazu steel sheathed steel prefabricated insulation pipe

Yanshan County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province. Beijing Shanghai railway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Shijiazhuang Huangshan expressway, Tianjin Shantou Expressway and national highway 205 are distributed around or across the territory, bordering Bohai Sea in the East, Beijing Tianjin in the north and Qilu in the south It is far away from the capital Beijing, Tianjin and Huanghua, known as the hub of Hebei and Shandong and the gateway of Beijing and Tianjin, with superior geographical location and extremely convenient transportation; Specializing in the production of plastic lined steel pipes, spiral steel pipes, 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes, polyurethane insulation steel pipes, steel jacketed steel steam insulation steel pipes, epoxy coal asphalt anti-corrosion steel pipes, ipn8710 anti-corrosion steel pipes, TPEP anti-corrosion steel pipes, plastic coated composite steel pipes, Du free drinking water anti-corrosion steel pipes, which are deeply trusted and praised by customers at home and abroad. It also has obvious social and economic benefits, and is also a powerful way to save energy in heating. Haorui welcomes new and old customers to come to the factory and call. We serve users at all levels with the concept of "one is not too few, ten thousand is not afraid of more", and the total annual sales are among the best in the local market. Become the preferred manufacturer for users all over the country

when people use a kind of insulated pipe, one of the most concerned aspects must be the service life, because this is a limitation on the quality of the product itself. People can bring a better model based on this aspect. For such steel jacketed steel insulated steel pipe, when it is used, it can be determined that the overall service life is 50 years, Because when the product itself is used, its raw materials can play a very good role. In fact, there are many factors that can determine that this kind of service life is longer. When using steel jacketed steel insulation steel pipes, the overall service life can indeed reach 50 years. The reason why people can better use them according to this aspect is that the above mentioned steel jacketed steel steam insulation steel pipes with circular cross-section are not perfect. This kind of round steel jacketed steel steam insulation steel pipes is not perfect. Its bending resistance is relatively poor and can not bear large forces. Therefore, in the framework of agricultural machinery In the use of furniture, steel jacketed steel steam insulated steel pipes will be forged into square, rectangular or special-shaped steel pipes


the company has 10 thermal insulation foaming machines, 8 production lines of 3PE gas pipeline units, 9 production lines of steel jacketed steel steam pipelines, and 6 anti-corrosion production lines. One pu-600 high-pressure foaming machine, four pu-350 foaming machines, four pu-300 foaming machines and one pu-220 foaming machine; The natural gas 3PE anticorrosive steel pipe production line adopts world advanced technology. It has 6 Advanced polyethylene outer protective pipe production lines, which can produce 75mm- 1620 mm high-density polyethylene insulation outer protective pipe. There are 2 sets of corona treatment equipment for the inner wall of polyethylene outer protective pipe, 4 mirror welding machines and rotating planetary sawing machines respectively, 10 PE portable extruders, 3 PE pipe angle saws, 15 on-site foaming vehicles, 12 on-site foaming machines, 4 large shot blasting machines. The above equipment is applicable to the foaming and insulation of dn32-dn1400 straight pipes and pipe fittings. There are also several 2500 ton presses, 1600 type pipe benders, GP beveling machines, JP elbow pushers, and cs116a vertical lathes. It fully ensures the production of pipe fittings with various diameters, radii, angles and wall thicknesses. The testing equipment is scientific and perfect. The testing equipment includes spectrometer, rapid chemical analyzer, material testing machine, impact testing machine, digital on-site metallograph, ultrasonic thickness gauge, X-ray flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detector, infrared thermometer, melt index meter, melt flow rate meter, electro-optical analysis balance, environmental stress cracking resistance tester and other testing equipment, from raw material procurement, production Control procedures have been formulated from the inspection and test process control to the product delivery and after-sales service, so that the products are always in a good controlled state, thus ensuring the product quality

。 A: before, the qualification of pressure element production was required, but now this qualification has also been cancelled. There are no requirements now Because it is convenient for daily construction, it is conducive to the maintenance of the environment and the increase of construction disturbance. Due to the fast construction efficiency, the processing of steel jacketed steel directly buried insulation pipe and the on-site trenching can be stopped in parallel. Only the on-site joint can greatly extend the construction period, and such construction can increase the achievement of occupying space. As the strength of science and technology is very important next to industrial buildings, the key to the transaction is decided at the end of the customer's requirements. One of them is the device leakage alarm line, which can leak somewhere in the pipeline, pass through the transmission of the alarm line, and then ensure the safe operation of the heating pipe. 3. As for its energy saving, its low heat loss makes its heat preservation effect 4-9 times higher than that of other pipes; In addition, there is the advantage of low water absorption. Take the steel jacketed steel directly buried insulation pipe for example, it is about 0.2kg/m2. Not only the heat loss is small, but also the reason of low water absorption will make the closed cell rate of the pipe as high as 92%. Steel jacket steel directly buried insulation steel, resulting in huge differences in performance, cost, life and other aspects of composite parts, and the pipe skin is difficult to be corroded by external air and water. Then use cement mortar to trowel, and finally seal it with gypsum board. Since May, the steel market has been in a downward channel, and the steel clad steel steam insulation pipe has fallen in an all-round way. The pressure on merchants to ship has increased sharply, and the steel clad steel steam insulation pipe merchants have been afraid to stock up again


the output of steel jacketed steel insulation pipe is still at a high level, and the operating rate of blast furnace also rises slightly, and the supply pressure may increase in the later stage; Coupled with the low willingness of traders to stock up, steel mills are also in the de stocking stage, and steel mills and traders have low confidence in the later market. The domestic coke market as a whole remained stable, prices in some regions increased slightly, and the overall transaction situation of the market was general. At this stage, due to the slow growth of terminal demand and the fact that most coal mines and coking plants are still losing money, the operating rate of coking plants in May is also at a historical low. Coal mines around the country also have a general reduction in production, and the cost pressure is further increased, resulting in the coke price always hovering at a low level. Last week, the domestic mining market fell slightly, and the steel jacketed steel insulation pipe was still in a state of price without market. The market in North China is generally low, and the low-level trading volume is very limited. Local steel enterprises mostly purchase at low prices. Due to the overall low market price, the supply enthusiasm of merchants is not high, and the supply and demand sides are in a stalemate. The market in Northeast China fell slightly. Local steel enterprises still lowered the purchase price of iron ore, and the price of steel jacketed steel insulation pipe fell under pressure. However, the quotation of some large local mining enterprises was still strong, and some mines were reluctant to sell, so the decline in market transaction price was not obvious. The market in East China is weak and consolidated. With the continuous decline of the market in North China, the market price of iron ore in Shandong and other regions has no advantage. Therefore, the overall market operation basically stagnates, and both supply and demand sides are in a wait-and-see state. According to statistics, the cumulative year-on-year growth of domestic fixed asset investment in the first five months was 11.4%, which continued to slow down from 12% in the previous April. The downturn in new construction has made real estate investment weak, and infrastructure investment has also slowed down under financial constraints. In the context of the weak demand for the whole terminal steel, the prosperity of the steel industry naturally presents a sad state. Considering that the high temperature in the late summer is approaching, and the end consumption of the steel market has shifted to the off-season mode, it is expected that the steel price may continue to bottom. And with the steel price weak downward. In June, the number of blast furnace maintenance in Hebei increased, and the loss of steel mills continued to expand, which will force them to lower the purchase price of raw materials to seek profit space. Therefore, the coke price will continue to be under pressure in the future. The steel market has gradually entered the off-season, and the blast furnace maintenance is originally a project that will be put on the agenda by the steel plant. Therefore, the steel plant's response strategy to the current upside down of profits is to reduce production and overhaul. If the steel plant has overhaul, the purchase of raw materials is bound to be controlled. The decline in the purchasing power of seamless steel pipes will affect the demand for iron ore, and the situation of strong iron ore prices is likely to be broken. Specifically, on the 23rd, the market price of imported ore was weak and stable, and the prices of some ports were slightly reduced. The overall transaction was acceptable. In terms of spot goods: yesterday, the forward spot price of Pb powder was traded at a low price. At the beginning of today, traders had a strong wait-and-see mentality. Then on the futures market, the overall price of A3 cold drawn round steel traders was basically the same as that of last weekend. Steel enterprises still purchase on demand, and the steel jacketed steel insulation pipe market was still weak. However, the shortage of marketable resources supported the spot price of port iron ore to a certain extent

it is difficult to change the shock pattern of the domestic thermal insulation steel pipe steel market. The spot steel price has strengthened for only a few days, and immediately turned down. The pressure can be imagined. The iron ore market, which has always given people the impression of being hot and difficult to press, has been hovering in the light market atmosphere of cold drawn seamless steel tubes for quite some time, and there is still room for decline next. According to market reports, the domestic steel price composite index remained volatile in the recent week, but has shown a slight stabilization, closing at 122.19 points, up only 0.11% in the week. At the beginning of the week, boosted by the positive news, rebar futures briefly strengthened. Affected by this, the steel spot market also strengthened in shock. However, a few days later, the futures market re selected the downward direction to seek support, the spot steel market also ended the short-term upward trend, and the prices of major varieties began to stabilize. By the end of the month, the capital pressure of the thermal insulation steel pipe market was large, and the general environment of the steel market was difficult to be significantly improved. According to the analysis, in the construction steel market, the price of thermal insulation steel pipes fluctuated, and the ton price in Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places increased by 10 to 40 yuan a week

anti corrosion coating: protect the outer steel, maintain the instrument pipe, avoid the corrosion of corrosive steel pipe, and prolong the service life of steel pipe. External protective steel pipe: protect the insulation layer from groundwater erosion, support the working pipe, bear a certain external load, and ensure the normal operation of the working pipe Polyurethane foam layer: ensure the medium temperature and keep the pipe surface at room temperature. Barrier layer and reflective layer: ensure that the organic foam material does not enter the inorganic hard high temperature resistant layer and reflects part of the heat of the high temperature resistant layer. Inorganic hard insulation layer: high temperature resistance to ensure the interface temperature between organic insulation layers, (1) formulate policies and measures to ensure that foam does not carbonize. Drag reduction layer: ensure the free movement of thermal expansion and contraction of the working steel pipe. Working steel pipe: ensure the normal flow of transmission medium. Steel jacketed steel steam insulation pipe is a combination of steel pipe, pipe anti-corrosion coating and ultra-fine glass 2 The working environment for placing the instrument should be kept between the steel pipe and the outer pipe filled with clean cotton, and can also be filled with graphite, calcium silicate tile shell and polyurethane foam. The embedding technology of steel shell (steel sleeve) is a new technology of waterproof, seepage proof, seepage proof, compression resistance and full sealing.. Welding rods and fluxes should be dried according to the instructions before use and kept dry during use. Welding construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of the welding operation instructions. Welding equipment shall be inspected and tested before use, and unqualified equipment is strictly prohibited from entering the construction site. Do a good job of self inspection and mutual inspection during welding, and do a good job of process control of welding quality

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