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Vision, a video collaboration product, has exceeded 1.5 million users and 1million downloads

the company has raised 3million euros of growth capital, and is about to enter the post after quitting the experienced CFO

only six months after the launch of IOS and Android applications, vision, the technical leader of mobile video team collaboration, has achieved the milestone of more than 1million downloads and how to safely operate a fatigue machine? Total number of 500000 users. The user base of eyeson is distributed all over the world, and the warm praise it receives also comes from customers on all continents. Although this product is aimed at B2C customers, a large number of enterprise customers still use eyeson

Andreas kroepfl, CEO and co-founder, commented that our mobile products have gained such a large global user base in such a short time, which proves that our route is correct. We see that our mobile products have great B2B up selling potential

in order to support this extraordinary and amazing strong growth, eyeson has raised the growth capital of 3 million euros for bentele's imitation of the machine concept, so as to quickly cover millions of B2C and B2B customer groups and realize the corresponding SaaS revenue. This round of financing is managed by eqventure, the main investor of eyeson, and supported by a group of regional investors, such as Hermann Hauser, a famous technology investor and co-founder of arm

in order to prepare for the next stage of development, the management team decided to generate initial friction on the clamping surface and hired a professional CFO. With the support of investors, Bernd Guttmann, an experienced corporate finance manager who quit (for example, mysugr quit Roche), may join eyeson. Michael Wolfgang, CEO and co-founder of eyeson, said: we are very happy that Bernd is ready to join. With his expertise, we are ready for the next stage of growth

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is the technology leader of intelligent video infinite collaboration. Its cloud based video collaboration product is based on patented single stream technology, which can provide unlimited scalability. Eyeson provides continuous and perfect group video calls based on constant bandwidth technology, regardless of the number of participants. It can be used for all important collaboration products, such as slack, trello, JIRA, freshdesk, talkdesk, Zendesk, youtube and Facebook. This application can provide APIs for B2B business

In, vision was rated as the only cool vendor in unified communications in Europe by Gartner Inc, the world's leading IT research and consulting company

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