External adjusting mechanism for the tightening fo

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The external adjustment mechanism of the binding force of the baling machine


the external adjustment of the binding force of the baling machine will enable the enterprise to develop better in the future. There may be many mechanisms, including elastic adjustment structures. If the experimental software does not calculate the yield point of the sample in the tensile experiment of the metal sample, people believe that as long as the metal is electroplated, it can achieve a uniform and dense surface effect structure and shaft sleeve. The main technical feature is that the shaft sleeve is fixedly connected with a pipe pin, which also includes an adjusting element, a flexible shaft and a screw. The other end of the flexible shaft is fixedly connected with the shaft of the screw, and the teeth of the screw should limit the pipe pin. This kind of baling machine can adjust the baling force of the baling machine externally, which improves the working efficiency and operation safety. In addition, the corresponding binding force is marked on the operation panel, which makes the operation intuitive and stable

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